CrossFit Radio Episode 126

By Justin Judkins

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June 30, 2010

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On Episode 126 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed two female regional champions. First up was Canada Regional winner Alicia Connors, while the second half of the show featured Jasmine Dever, winner of the North Central Regional. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

1:43 Justin began the show by reading a few e-mails from listeners who are using CrossFit to overcome and raise awareness for cancer.

9:30 Alicia Connors came on the show to talk about how she prepared for the regionals and how she’s getting ready for the CrossFit Games. The 20-year-old has plenty of CrossFit experience but only recently decided to compete for the title of World’s Fittest Female. She explained how her home affiliate CrossFit Taranis strictly follows main-site programming. She also detailed how her diet has helped her get more out of her training, and she shared what kind of programming she would like to see at the Games. Finally, she explained what motivates her—and it has nothing to do with a $25,000 winner’s purse.

37:55 Jasmine Dever trains at Front Range CrossFit with Skip and Jodi Miller. She spoke about the impressive winning performance she turned in at the North Central Regional and how the Millers have set up training camps for those athletes preparing for competitions. She also detailed her athletic background and how she found CrossFit, as well as how she has progressed and evolved as an athlete by turning her weaknesses into strengths. Finally, Jasmine commented on her expectations for the Games and gave her impressions of this year’s contest.

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wrote …

Justin: Thanks for the feature on female athletes. Thanks, too, for sharing my story with the CF community. The Dallas Morning News did a good job, but there is no way to convey the benefits I reaped from CF in that short article. Since most of my issues after the tumor/surgery were neurological, CF was huge in my recovery. Although I dabbled in CF before my diagnosis with several guys from work who were dedicated CF athletes, I wasn't a regular user. After surgery, neurosurgeons and physical therapists were confident I could walk again if I challenged my brain/neurological systems with varying stimuli. CF was the perfect answer. I would not have recovered doing conventional globo gym workouts since regular nerve pathways were destroyed; I had to vary routines in an effort to get my brain to rewire my electrical systems so I could gain more control over my body. I started doing CrossFit regularly - first with baby steps and gradually progressing to bigger efforts. The constantly changing dynamics of CF allowed me to improve steadily to the point, as mentioned in the article, that I could return to work, run a marathon, and coach others. I still suffer deficits in some areas, but I am stronger now than I was before the tumor was discovered and my spinal cord was cut open to remove it.
Thanks to Coach Glassman for developing such a great program and thanks to all the coaches at CrossFit Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX) for pushing me to perform. My success is theirs.
Pam Bielecki Starr


wrote …

Pam is my hero


wrote …

Well done Pam. You're an inspiration.

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