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June 05, 2010

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CrossFit is a global phenomenon, and people all around the world are increasing their levels of fitness through … well, you know the drill. Even if the language isn’t the same, constantly varied functional movements are still being performed at high intensity.

Sevan Mattosian was across The Pond covering the Europe Regional and spent some time in Stockholm, Sweden, catching a group of 14 hitting a WOD at CrossFit Nordic. Mads Jacobsen, a trainer at the box, translates as athletes work their way through a row, double-unders and some man-makers.

6min 40sec

Additional reading: The Scandinavian CrossFit Challenge: CrossFit Europe Part 2 by Blair Morrison, published Nov. 26, 2009.

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7 Comments on “European Style: CrossFit Nordic”


Dane Thomas wrote …

Way to show off what we've got here in Stockholm!

BTW, CFNordic opened up just over 2 months before this was shot. The guys have done a really nice job with it, don't you think?


wrote …

That place looks great. I love the idea of running downtown so the fatties eating lunch can get a glimpse of fitness.


wrote …

Stellar coaching, challenging workouts, great atmosphere and good laughs!

Thats CFN to me.

Nice video!


wrote …

I plan to be in Sweden on July 1st - 10th at a Golf Camp in Mullsjo. Nice to see CrossFit is going strong. I visited Stockholm last year for a few hours and the city is beautiful - as you can see in the video.


wrote …

Please forgive my lack of knowledge and off topic question...but I noticed the trainers have little to no accent when speaking english. Is that how it is across the country in Sweden?


replied to comment from Michael Foster

No Michael, Mads is just special :)

Actually most Scandinavians speak pretty good English. It's one of those deals where no one else speaks your language so you end up learning another one (or two). Not all of us have such impeccable accents though. CrossFit Nordic crew has a good thing going, anyone who's visiting Sweden should definitely drop by their box.


Richard Meurk wrote …

The girl who thought that 5 kg on the renegade rows was light weight must have gotten herself a painful suprise :P

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