Camp CrossFit?

By Skip Miller

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June 03, 2010

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Games, camaraderie, good food and skill work—these are the best parts of going to camp.

Baseball, track and field, and other sports have their own camps, so why can’t CrossFit? Or so went the thinking of Skip Miller, owner of Denver’s Front Range CrossFit, who recently hosted a group of firebreathers for a week-long training camp in preparation for the 2010 CrossFit Games qualification process.

Seventeen athletes were up against two-a-day workouts, Olympic-lifting drills, training on the rowing machine and even gymnastics work. Luckily, they were treated to great food and plenty of R and R as well.

In this video, Jordan and Paula Gravatt step inside Miller’s affiliate for a look at this new concept that was also employed at CrossFit New England.

6min 50sec

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wrote …

Is it possible to have one of these camps offered again and in other areas? I would just loovee to go to one!
I think it would be a nice idea :)


Skip Miller wrote …


The title of the video is a little bit misleading.

The camp was a Front Range CrossFit Training Camp. It is the third one that we have done for our athletes. The performance gains that we saw from the January Training Camp were incredible.

This camp was actually the first one that we invited a non FRCF athlete to attend. We invited Pat Burke (owner of MBS CrossFit) to come to this camp, becuase he is a great guy, a great athlete, and all of our athletes get along with Pat. We wanted to see how an athlete from outside our gym integrated with our team.

Bringing in Pat was very positive for all involved, so we now have about 8 slots set aside each FRCF Training Camp for athletes that don't work out at FRCF.

The ironic thing about this video being published today is that we are actually starting our 4 day Summer Training Camp today.

The camp we are doing right now is very similar in concept to the January Camp that you are now seeing, but it is only 4 days long. We have a total of 23 athletes doing this one, with athletes coming from all over Colorado and Califonia.

It is my understanding that there will be some more videos coming that show a lot more of the training, and hopefully less of me talking. No one needs to see that :-)

If anyone is interested in the actual performance gains that we tracked from this Training Camp, you can email me at

Front Range CrossFit


wrote …

What a great session. I wish I could come to one.


wrote …

Awesome Video Jordan! I am glad you got my crash footage in at the very end!!

That camp was intense! It was amazing to see the incredible gains that everyone had, including myself, after such a massive amount of work thrown at us all.


wrote …

I think it would be incredible to have a full week camp for CrossFit. It could be like Certs, but multiple subject matters could be covered, and in more detail. Honestly, I'd be willing to shell out quite a bit for an experience like that...just saying ;).


wrote …

Crossfit Kids day camp. Someone's gotta do it.


wrote …


What is the cost to particpate in your camp?
Is it a flat fee or per day of participation?
I'm assuming that food is included.

What a phenominal program, congratulations.

Thank you


replied to comment from Greg Cox

Bob Guere at Crossfit California City is doing just that. Crossfit Kids Summer Camp!



Frank DiMeo wrote …

Tremendous training environment!
Nice work!


wrote …

Not to be critical here, just curious, but don't these guys have jobs? That may not go over so well at most businesses, "Hey boss, I'm taking a week off to workout four times a day and play x-box in between."


wrote …

wait a minute, they are eating 1lb of protein per meal and drinking 1 gallon of milk a day EACH?

please can someone tell me if they OR any crossfiters eat OATS PWOD?

thanks great video though!!!


Dane Thomas wrote …

The title may be a bit misleading with respect to the video content, but the concept of a range of CF camps in nice locations would be a winner. Who wouldn't want to workout and surf with EvaT in Baja? ;-)


wrote …

Silly Americans! The rest of the world just trains and live normal lives and still would kick there butts all over Home Depot in July! Can't Wait!


wrote …

Congratulations, Skip, that was awesome.


wrote …

This is a great idea. My wife and I workout in our garage. We'd love to join a box and get quality coaching, but it's just not feasable with our busy work and family schedules.

We have no aspirations of competing, but this idea could lure us out of the garage. A three or four day camp with coaching and meals? Perfect.

Oh, and we have three kids who love doing Crossfit for Kids wods. Since we both work, we are always looking for summer camps. This would be ideal for them!


wrote …

The Eva T camp in Baja? Where do I sign up?

But wait - how about the Eva T Crossfit & Ski camp, held at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail?

Morning Session: Oly lifts/Power lifts & gymnastics skills
Mid day: ski the back bowls with Eva T
Afternoon Session: Metcons, rowing skills & running skills
Night: Dinner and a massage

Now I'm shaking.

I need to take a shower....


wrote …

Also curious about people working these camps in with their work schedule. Even if it goes over a weekend you're still taking 2-3 days off from work.


Todd - The last time I skied with her was in Vail! I worked as a PT/CSCS in Vail from 1990-98 but I don't remember any decent gym facilities at the Sonnenalp and the prices would be prohibitive for most. It would surprise the heck out of me if any of the hotel spas or fitness facilities between East Vail and Edwards allow O-lifting.

If we wanted to be more inclusive and realistic it would be better to shoot for workout sessions at the nearest CrossFit affiliate (High Altitude CF in Gypsum) combined with skiing at Beaver Creek and lodging somewhere in between. Mix that in with some pool work - laps at the Avon Rec Center or relaxation and massage work down at Glenwood Hot Springs. There is also a CF affiliate in Breckenridge, so that could be an option.


wrote …

I'm moving to the Denver area in August and had been trying to figure out which gym to join. I was leaning towards FRCF anyways, but watching this video sealed it for me. Seems like a great box. Great looking camp, Skip.


Skip Miller wrote …


The 4-Day Summer Training Camp that started on Friday was $450 for the weekend. That includes lunch, dinner and all of the coaching.

You can read more about the goals of the camp on our events page at

Greg and Dustin,

Yes, all of the 17 athletes at the Winter Camp and the 24 athletes at the Summer Camp have jobs. Everyone of those athletes is highly successful in their jobs. Many of them are self employed. We put in wireless internet so that they could work during their down time. Not all of them took advantage of the X Box and Guitar Hero. But many of them did end up taking vacation days to do the Training Camp.


Yes, the men ate 1 lb of protein and the women ate 2/3 lb of protein per meal. That was the goal. The ones that were able to eat that much consistently were the ones that did the best in the camp. We had tons of vegetables and fruit available at each meal. Each table of 4-6 athletes was given a gallon of organic whole milk and they did their best to finish that gallon each meal. We went through 38 gallons of whole milk that week.


I am unaware of anyone from the United States speaking disparagingly of athletes from other countries or continents. I am not sure I get the point of your post. Maybe it is just a language thing.


Not everyone that comes to our Training Camps are competitive CrossFitters. Some of them just want a concentrated dose of great coaching. They learn what they need to improve technique wise and get some specific items to work on when they go home to their garage gyms or Affiliates.

Thanks Frank, Christopher and Dave. The Training Camps are a ton of fun.



Skip Miller wrote …

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you can see the actual work that is being done in the current Training Camp on the FRCF website.

We are listing all of the workouts, with the exception of the team workouts. In addition to the workouts and the results that are listed we are dividing up the athletes into teams of four to do a team workout.

The team workouts are lasting anywhere between 6 and 12 minutes. Those workouts are a mix of tire flips, sled drags, prowler pushes etc. Most of the athletes have said that the team workouts are actually the hardest workouts of that particular day.



replied to comment from Skip Miller


thanks for your response! so the guys ate a lot then!

im just wondering did they eat any other carbs such a oats, sweet potatos?
or was it just meat, veg, nuts+seeds etc...?

i want to come to this camp!!!

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