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June 19, 2010

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We’re back at Front Range CrossFit for a look at one of the elements of the training camp Skip Miller held to ready athletes for the CrossFit Games qualification process.

This time around, athletes are tackling Grace, a 30-rep clean-and-jerk workout with moderate weight. The goal is to improve upon previous times through some simple coaching and cueing throughout.

“Smooth is fast,” Miller tells his cohort just before putting them under the weight of the barbell and, of course, the clock.

5min 49sec

Additional reading: Adaptation for Fitness by Dr. Lon Kilgore, published Jan. 19, 2010.

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11 Comments on “Front Range CrossFit Training Camp: Grace”


wrote …

sick song, anyone know who it is?


Kristopher Germain wrote …

That's funny. I hated that song so much i seriously wanted the video to end sooner. i just checked the comments to see if anyone else had a reaction.
Bob we obviously have different tastes, but if you have an iphone, use shazaam to get the song. it helps me find some of the songs on these videos.

Usually i really like what Jordan does with Music in his edits, but this time, not so much.


Kristopher Germain wrote …

just tried to get the song for you Bob, but Shazaam couldn't recognize the song for whatever reason.


Skip Miller wrote …

The times from that episode of Grace were:

30 reps for time of:
Clean & Jerk, 135 (85)

Cori 1:43
Pat 1:44
Kristen 1:47
Jeremy 1:49
Vardo 1:51
Dozer 1:59
The Behr 1:59
Jumbo Sexy 2:03
Jumper 2:07
Socks 2:10
Scuba 2:32
Kerri 3:12
Shannan 3:20
Lambo 3:26
Mike 3:51
Colleen 5:28

Front Range CrossFit


wrote …

more vids like this plz


wrote …

Great times everyone, but isn't women's rx'd weight 95#?


wrote …

I agree with Kristopher. The song brought the quality of a good video down to almost unwatchable. I don't mind the instrumental part of the song it's just the guy sounding like he's throwing up the whole time. Front Range seems to be a quality Crossfit box. Please choose more palatable music - Please!


Skip Miller wrote …

There is always a debate about the women's weight. It usually comes down to whether or not your affiliate has choosen to invest in women's bars.

If your affiliate is really into olympic lifting, they will have women's bars that are thinner (25 mm) and lighter (15 kilos or 35 lbs, depending on the quality of the women's bar).

A long time ago, when Jodi and I were still training at Level I certs and Coach Glassman and Nicole Carroll were at every cert, I had a conversation with Nicole. Since CrossFit doesn't usually list the prescribed women's weight for workouts, I asked Nicole what weight she used when she did Grace. She replied with, "A women's bar with 25 lb plates."

That adds up to 85 lbs. That answered the question for me. Since then, whenever FRCF does a CrossFit named workout that involves 135 lbs for the men, we use 85 lbs for the women.

We have had Jumper and KO do Grace with 95 lbs. Jumper actually went 4 seconds faster, KO went one second slower. They actually didn't notice the weight difference until after the workout was over. When they do Grace with 135 lbs, they both are around 5 minutes.

If your Affiliate doesn't have women's bars, most of them will use 95 lbs, because it is more convenient. Since the ROM standards vary so wildly from Affiliate to Affiliate you are really only comparing your performances with other athletes at your Affiliate anyway.

Train Hard.

Front Range CrossFit



wrote …

4/5. Song wasn't heavy enough.


wrote …

really??? on your back after grace ???? really?????


wrote …

What was the purpose of the video. It seems like it was just a promotional video for that gym.

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