Finding My Way

By Greg Glassman

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June 06, 2010

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The first CrossFit gym opened only 10 years ago. That’s an astonishing fact when you consider over 1,600 CrossFit boxes now dot the globe. Greg and Lauren Glassman, of course, were behind the first gym, and Coach still remembers the sound of a key turning in the lock of a box as the sun peeks over the horizon at 4:30 a.m.

Speaking at FilFest 2010 in Miam, Fla., Glassman talks about the journey from those cold mornings of training to being the head of a growing fitness company. Along the way, he explains how the CrossFit 101 program came about, and how Glassman feels a special connection to every affiliate owner and trainer he meets at a 101. These connections have highlighted a new purpose for CrossFit’s founder as the community grows.

9min 33sec

Additional reading: Foundations by Greg Glassman, published April 1, 2002.

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32 Comments on “Finding My Way”


wrote …

Great video. One man's mission has started a movement.

Proud to be a part of it.


Ronald Fielder wrote …

I will always be grateful.


wrote …

We all owe you and Lauren the thanks!


wrote …

I'm a 2 year CrossFitter. Still amazed at the genius of the program. I'm a Journal subscriber and recently certified at a Level 1. However, I am not with an affiliate. I work out in my garage (it's pretty sweet). Hoping to get some of the love for those like me. Coach, come visit!


wrote …

Thank you coach, much respect and thanks!


wrote …

Gregg and Louie get me so hyped up about working out. Louie makes me want to get as strong as possible, while Gregg makes me want to have blast doing it. Their passion is so evident they could not hide it if they were paid to.


the passion and leadership are unparalleled in just about anything I've ever encountered! Thanks Coach and Lauren!


wrote …

Thanks for turning that key, Coach.


wrote …

Changed my life- a massive thanks coach and Lauren- who let me drop by in 2005 and ask her a zillion questions!!!
Devotee for life! Michael Smith


wrote …

Coach, those first several years of CrossFit Journal articles you mentioned were amazing! Thank you.


wrote …

What a ride, Coach, just incredible. Like many, I'm amazed by where this has gone, excited to be in it, and fascinated to see where it goes! Paul


wrote …

Coach, my wife and I met you and Lauren at the socal regionals at UC Irvine. We were heading to meet up with members of our box and you stopped and introduced yourselves to us. We talked for a brief minute; my wife and I went away thinking it was cool meeting you and great to see how down to earth you are. No doubt a big part of your success. Thanks for sticking with it.


wrote …

that was emotional...

Coach is the BEST


wrote …

Coach -

Loved the video!

We continue to be thankful and appreciate all that you do for us!

We have an opening if you'd like to get back to some

All my best, and in CrossFit we trust,

Nick, Mark, Stacey


wrote …


I cannot imagine the day to day as you steer this gigantic snowball down the hill. Thank you so much for creating this, and for staying true to the values that make CrossFit special. You've change my perspective forever, and I know I am not unique.

As a side note, screw the timeline. You will never be in the way, and I hope to see you on the road.

Much love,



wrote …

No, thank YOU Coach and thankyou to the support network that all the other affiliates offer ANY time that we need help or advice. They are now much loved friends and an extension of our family.

CrossFit Northern Ireland


wrote …

Coach is such a great speaker and he does a really good job connecting with the people in the audience. What an amazing job he's done.


wrote …

Your vision has changed that of others. Our lives, our goals, and our capabilities are what they are because of you turning that key.

Thanks for everything Coach.



wrote …

It has been said that a message from the mind reaches another mind, and a message from the heart reaches another heart, but a message from a life will reach another life...Coach Glassman, thanks for reaching so many lives.


wrote …

Coach you and Lauren created an amazing life for lots of people, we are happy to share Crossfit with our clients,

We enjoy watching the videos as it provides knowledge to us from you and inspiration, Please post more.

Thank Coach and Lauren


wrote …

Thank you SO MUCH Coach and Lauren, you guys have started something that really is going to change this world!!!!!

CrossFit Waterloo


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Coach, you & Lauren have helped free many people from mediocrity in training and in life.
CrossFit has been my "full-time job" for over 4 years, soon to be 5.
I couldn't ask for more, thanks!


wrote …

One of the most sincere human beings I ever meet. Thanx coach!


Damon Stewart wrote …

Thanks Coach! Crossfit has positively impacted my life, my families, and hundreds of other in my community.


replied to comment from Frank DiMeo

couldn't agree more - I don't think I'd still be personal training right now if I never found CrossFit. Thank you.


wrote …

Thank You for CrossFit! Thank you for helping so many people improve their lives. Thank you for giving me an outlet to become an Affiliate and help people everyday!


Richard Meurk wrote …

Chills man!


wrote …

Coach-Thank you then,now and always.


wrote …

Now theta how revolutions are made. It's organic, relentless, logical and with a momentum thats build by believers.Make it happen :)


wrote …

Now thats how revolutions are made. It's organic, relentless, logical and with a momentum thats build by believers.Make it happen :)
Oh, and Thank you for being that believer.


wrote …

What a leader.


wrote …

Hvala što si me naučio nešto novo i što si mi otvorio oči u vezi samog razmišljanja u vezi načina tršniranja!

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