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June 08, 2010

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“Heat’s gonna be a bitch.”

Regional director Jeff Tucker wasn’t lying, either. When you hold an event at Hell’s Half Acre, you’re battling the WOD and the weather—but the women of the South Central Regional were up to the challenge.

The best athletes from the region descended on Fort Worth, Texas, May 29-30, with each hoping to win one of four spots in the CrossFit Games.

They were tested by four WODs:

Snatch/overhead squat ladder:
1 squat snatch + 2 OHS or 1 power snatch + 3 OHS
Women’s bars: 75-135 lb.

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats
All athletes wear 10-lb. vest.

100 double-unders
3 Rounds of:
10 deadlifts (275/185 lb.)

1 sandbag run (75/50 lb.)

Then Row 1K

10 muscle-ups
15 handstand push-ups
20 squat cleans (105 lb.)
Run 550 meters

For complete results, click here.

13min 32sec

Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.



15 Comments on “Hell’s Half Acre: The South Central Regional”


wrote …

are all these wods done successively in the same day, or is it one wod per day?


Wencil Stanek wrote …

The first two were done Saturday, the second two were done Sunday, with 4-6 hours in between workouts.

Glad that Lauren Stover got highlighted doing her first ever muscle-ups!


Web Smith wrote …

I am so proud of everyone there! It was such a tough environment (heat) for a tough event. As always, you're the man, Tucker!



wrote …

I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm a little disappointed that there isn't a pure strength WOD in there. I loved seeing the 3 rep max clean and press in the New York Regional. Too bad Texas didn't have anything similar, especially with Paul Smith competing.


wrote …

Nicholas, check the video before commenting, since you didn't understand the Wod 1 ladder. Increasing 3 rep max OHS is a strength workout. It even has the THREE rep scheme you loved.

Also, Jeff Tucker doppleganger has got to be Woody Harrelson (see Zombieland).


wrote …

Loooooved the fact that this vid took the time out to celebrate the MU accomplishment from 8:40-9:40. Great video overall, but that single minute put a huge smile on my face.

- Mark


wrote …

There is just something about those girls from Texas.


wrote …

all i know is that muscle up section motivated the shit out of me!!


wrote …

What is up with the inch worm/belly flop push ups?


wrote …

Mark and Ben i completely agree

I got goosebumps watching that. I remember getting my first muscle up and feeling the same way.


replied to comment from Brad Jones

I agree Brad! It raises concern for judging standards in competition. Inch worm/belly flop push-ups are alot easier than strict form push-ups.


replied to comment from Mark Wallace

Agreed 100%. That's the best thing about CrossFit... doing things that were at one point IMPOSSIBLE.


wrote …

Where's the men's video??


wrote …

That muscle up scene pumps me up!


wrote …

I am going to say this over and over!!!!
Where is Mr Starett when it comes to the games with all these bad forms that I see with a incremental chances of injuries?
It is one thing to TALK about it and it is another to be point it out when it happen before all our eyes.
Everytime I watch a video on CROSSFIT GAMES and I am very concerned about the bad forms in olympic weight lifting and the risk for injuries.
I want Mr Starrett to talk about that!!!!!

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