It Takes a Barbell

By Mike Warkentin

In Competition

June 13, 2010

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Community-building events like the CrossFit Regina Spring Fling give athletes of all abilities a chance to experience the amazing camaraderie of intense competition.

No one from the CrossFit Regina Spring Fling is going to compete in the CrossFit Games—but every one of them is going to be fit. And that’s a great thing.

Only one week before the best athletes in Canada converged on Calgary to battle for a total of 12 spots in the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Regina held a grassroots event designed to build community and give athletes of all levels a chance to experience the thrill of CrossFit competition. Even on May Long Weekend, which traditionally finds Canadians leaving the city for an epic three-day bender in cottage country, 57 athletes signed up to compete in the three-WOD challenge.

“The No. 1 thing is to build community,” said Robin Maier, co-owner of CrossFit Regina. “I have 200 members, and eight went to sectionals. And that’s about four percent. So this is for the other 96 percent. They train hard too.”



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wrote …

I loved this article. I wish we had more events like this. Although the Crossfit games are inspiring, the vast majority of us are not firebreathers, merely regular folk trying to be the best we can be.


wrote …

Mike, great read. We've done a bunch of these competitions, some we invited all comers, and some were just internal to our box at CFNE. You're right on the money with this one, NOTHING goes further to build confidence and community in the athletes. So many people that didn't even compete, they just volunteered to judge were immediately bitten by the bug and can't wait to throw their hat in the ring for the next competition. There is rarely a time more fun is had in the gym...It's Fran-like energy for a whole day/evening. It's more important than Nachos after Regionals, that those of us chasing a ticket to the big dance don't lose sight of the other 99.9999% of athletes who want to play too.


wrote …

Yay CrossFit Regina ROCKS!!!!

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