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June 02, 2010

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The body has all kinds of muscles in it. They all have specific names, and they all do very specific jobs. You can memorize the names and functions if you want. Or you can simplify things and get right to work fixing problems in athletic movement.

Speaking at FilFest 2010, mobility expert Kelly Starrett takes stretching from the realm of the piriformis and gluteus medius and into the realm of simple hip flexion and external rotation. Once you analyze a movement, you don’t really need to know all the muscles involved but can rather start to make simple but effective changes on a broad scale. Then, of course, you can get more complicated.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, Starrett details a few basic stretches anyone sitting at a desk can use to start changing his or her body for the better.

9min 14sec

Additional reading: Stretching and Flexibility by Roger Harrell, published Jan. 1, 2006.

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24 Comments on “Executive Stretching Series: Part 1”


wrote …

Im still a ferrari!!

Kstar is the man!!

I could watch these videos all day.. Keep em comming.

Kelly! When are you just going to come out with a DVD already.. YOur info is priceless!! Thanks for everything you do for this community!


wrote …

Thanks KStar for everything, was great meeting you twice in toronto!

Love the videos, please keep them coming.

craig at Crossfit Eclipse


wrote …

Good stuff. I try to stretch everyday at work, but then I also end up catching myself slouched over several times a day. Looking forward to part 2


wrote …

Great video, very informative. Looking forward to part 2 and to further find out how bad my flexibility is..


wrote …

really useful info. I am already using the techniques


wrote …

Brilliant! Thanks for the info, amazing how much better my squat feels already! I can appreciate how you break your knowledge down in layman's terms and get to the point. I always wished I could come up to you and say fix me, but I know it's not possible, haha! More K*


wrote …

If you have a keyboard height adjuster in your desk it pays to ensure that it's tightly locked in position before you attempt Executive Stretch #1 using your desk as resistance as K* (like that) suggests.
Otherwise you may find that your keyboard adjuster slams up to the maximum height with a crash, launching your keyboard and mouse off the desk and attracting more attention than backing away from the desk and using your hand as resistance would.
Not that that happened to me of course.


wrote …

I would buy a 9 minute abs video by K-star even though I know there is an 8 minute ab video on the market :)


wrote …

Just what I need right now! More please about stretching stealthily at my desk!


wrote …


I have an injured hip flexor. I was less than impressed with my doctor who I saw to address this. I am still able to use it (210# overhead squat), but it hurts when I get up out of a chair or during air squats during my warm-up. I don’t notice it once I’m in the middle of a WOD. Any suggestions on how to stretch this, should I lay off it for some time, and/or could you point me towards more information?



replied to comment from Dach MI

I went to the doctor and I said I broke my leg in three places and he said don't go to those places


wrote …

We dont do Yoga!!!!
Mr Starett, I disagree with you on that. Yoga is not all about the mind. Just like Crossfit is not all about being physical.
Yoga will help crossfitter if you arre talking about Flexibility.
When I observe Mr Khalipa and MIkko Sallo work out, I can see how being flexible gives Mr Sallo a solid edge even though Mr Khalipa is way stronger.


replied to comment from Cerveau Gauche

My dear crossfiter Yoga is about the mind and it is even a religious practice. Google Yoga and see what you come up with. Crossfit is about movement so I would go with K* on this and say as crossfit we do not do yoga.


wrote …

I think addressing posture would be great. Maybe get Esther Gokhale on here?


wrote …

hey kstar, this sh1t seems to come so natural to you, i'm not sure you realize how valuable and priceless all these bits of knowledge are to the none firebreather garage crossfiters (me). make a dvd or get your own website already, i'll pay real money to learn more from you. many thanx.


wrote …

I agree with post #1. There needs to be a DVD already. get that out and market it. elite athleticism is missing valuable knowledge like this.


wrote …

Coach KStar,

I've heard that weight training will make tiny tears in the muscles being used and recovery from that is what makes them stronger/bigger/adapt.

Question, is it safe/practical to stretch while practicing the contract-relax method, or is it better for the muscles to just hold the static stretch for 90 seconds?



replied to comment from Cory Osborne

**Sorry, the question was referring to doing this after the workout**


wrote …

Great video. I'm a huge fan of trainers, instructors, educators, lecturers, etc who actually strive to make things we do SIMPLER to explain, instead of trying to impress everyone with big words. This video kicks ass.


wrote …

Is there a stretching or a mobility cert.? I have a CES cert. through NASM already though.


wrote …

I like how you refer to stretching all the junk in "this area". I don't think that it matters if you know the scientific name for each muscle and tendon but I do think that streatchung is important. Also I do think that you can couple crossfit and yoga together, and why not is yoga not hardcore enough?


replied to comment from anthony wilson

Watch a skilled yogi press from cobra into a handstand and tell me that's all about his mind and has nothing to do with strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Do those words sound familiar?

We may not "do yoga" as part of main site programming, but integrating it into your programming can improve your posture, mobility, and movement. Judging from Kelly's general style of delivery, I would venture that he was joking and that he actually does recognize where some aspects of yoga are valuable to a crossfitter. Also, that place you dig to when a WOD really sucks but you summon the will to press on... it's very similar to the meditative state (i.e. the "religion") associated with yoga.


replied to comment from anthony wilson

What do you mean YOGA is a religion? Come on man!!!!
I agree witrh CARL Etheredge that YOGA will significantluy improve your movements.
One of the bigggest differences between a MIKKO SALO and a JASON KHALIPA is flexibility. Flexibility makes MIKKOA SALO more efficient.
EFFICIENCY of MOVEMENTS is somethign we do not talk about more in CROSSFIT. EFFICIENCY is PARAMOUNT especially in a competition.


wrote …

Kelly Starrett your videos are always the way u simplifies things. u r great coach. just keep them coming.

i am not a yoga person , but will like to say yoga definitely improves person flexibility which help us to do our movements much better.

yoga makes us stronger coz we can hold on to that position for long time which will help us to perform better in wod.

i think yoga is already a part of xfit. what is burpees, modified version of "surya namaskar ".

handstand?? again yoga.

and people who think yoga is not hardcore try ASHTANGA YOGA.

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