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June 21, 2010

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Mobility and recovery expert Kelly Starrett has a lot of unique ways to improve a client’s range of motion and flexibility without traditional static stretching. By using some basic principles of physical therapy coupled with around-the-house objects, Starrett takes a few athletes at CrossFit Santa Cruz through a series of two-minute drills aimed at improving their performance.

The first in this multi-part series takes on the thoracic spine and its relationship to shoulder mobility and overhead capacity. One simple yet slightly painful drill can drastically open up impinged shoulders and improve one’s overhead position.

“Treat what you find,” Starrett says.

Well, it’s time to take out the lacrosse ball and find out what’s slowing down your Fran time.

9min 44sec

Additional reading: Part 1—Tuning the CrossFit Athlete by Daniel Christie, published Jan. 16, 2010.

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28 Comments on “Two-Minute Drills Part 1: Mobilization with Movement”


wrote …

Thank you! Thank you!

Everything's going great: I'm stronger and faster than ever, but I sure do get wound up and sore sometimes. Wow, did I need this!


wrote …

"Its like a vacation of pain."


wrote …

Man I've gotta get me a 2nd lacrosse ball and give this a go! Best advice I've seen in a long time to get these shoulders open.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

man, the information we get for $25...


wrote …

This is really helpfull stuff. Let's see how it affects our clients.

greetings from Holland
CrossFit Meppel


wrote …

Talk about bang for the Buck!!!


wrote …

This series is $$$$$MONEY$$$$$. ive been waiting for this since the first PNF videos last year.


wrote …

And I've been using my lacrosse balls on the rug...embarrasing...


wrote …

Great video....Iv been using prickly balls. I wonder if its worth doing regularly as warm up AND warm down to workouts?! I actually use it as a way to work out kinks in my back.

Just signed up to the journal, and i love it.


wrote …



Charles Charbeneau wrote …

Paincation. Genius.


wrote …

I need to move to Kelly's "Shao lin Temple" in become a CrossFit monk.
I need to learn his Kung fu :)

Thanks Kelly!
Thanks CFSC


wrote …

Outstanding video! I did it and it worked, I feel much looser and more mobile in my shoulders and back. Cant wait to see how this helps my overhead movements and stability. I demand more KStar!


Ian Kellogg wrote …

K* for a CrossFit lifetime achievement award!!

That or they should actually build him a temple where we can all learn the mobility kung fu


wrote …

Keep the Videos from Kelly Starrett comming! Nice! nice! nice!



wrote …

K STAR Just SIMPLY THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE, its very helpful to say the least.............


wrote …

This is getting added to my warm-up tomorrow.
Thanks, Kelly!


wrote …

K-Star is the best.


wrote …

K-Star for a CrossFit lifetime achievement award!! - I second that!


replied to comment from bodycare wecare

I think as long as you don't start bruising yourself it's fine. There's such a thing as *too* much self-myofascial release. I would guess that this usually occurs when someone tries to fix all of their problems in one day rather than over the course of weeks, months, years. Just like with stretching, consistency is key.


wrote …

Oh, and there is a CrossFit Coach designation, I think K* is more than deserving of that if isn't already one.


wrote …

Forgive my ignorance but can anyone detail for me how exactly he has those two lacrosse balls set up? I understand that (at least from the looks of it) they run perpindicular to the spine, with a ball on each side of the thoracic(sp?) spine, but how are they balls held together?


wrote …

Mark i am pretty sure they are taped together atleast thats what i did and it works great


wrote …

Yep. They're taped. Just get some athletic tape and tape `em up. Pretty simple.


wrote …

I read the intro blurb, and my honest first thought as I clicked to watch the vid was "This is going to SUCK".
I know I need to watch this.
I know it's going to teach me something.
I know that something is going to be very painful.
I know that after I watch it I'm going to have to step away from the computer and try it and I really really am not in the mood for that this morning.

Thanks Kstarr. Looking forward to Volume Two.


wrote …

What I learned in 8 years of school, KStar is giving you in segments of 9-10 mins at a time and much much more entertaining at that!!!

Great stuff and a great reminder that what I apply in the clinic can be applied in the box!!!

Look one joint away (from the problem area)!!!



replied to comment from Mark Zambarda

You can buy them fixed together (bak balls in the UK) or tape lacrosse balls together. First thing my physio worked on when I had jacked up lumbar curve after my first 6 months of crossfit. The balls manipulate the thoracic spine region (moreso than fascia) which can be stiff as hell in a lot of people. Hopefully in his next part he will tap into the issues with tight lats/triceps affecting the overhead position also to complete some great protocols to improve overhead problems even further.
Resistance bands do wonders with mobilizing the shoulders for overhead work too. Check out Jami Tikkanen (CrossFit Thames) who works with Miko Salo for some great vids with bands.


wrote …

Wow...after one week of trying these techniques out, my shoulders are thanking you profusely, Kelly. Bless you!

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