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June 28, 2010

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Mobility and recovery expert Kelly Starrett has a lot of unique ways to improve a client’s range of motion and flexibility without traditional static stretching. By using some basic principles of physical therapy coupled with around-the-house objects, Starrett takes a few athletes at CrossFit Santa Cruz through a series of two-minute drills aimed at improving their performance.

Continuing with the shoulder mobilization from Part 1, Starrett now works through the sticking points in the back where the scapula meets the ribcage. By mobilizing this portion of the body, athletes will be able to better control overhead loads through improved flexibility. The students are back on the lacrosse balls as they look for a two-minute fix for a common shoulder issue.

7min 56sec

Additional reading: Part 2—Tuning the CrossFit Athlete by Daniel Christie, published Jan. 28, 2010.

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21 Comments on “Two-Minute Drills Part 2: Treating That Sticky Rib”


wrote …

This is a great series! Thanks


Rob Barrese wrote …

In the PNF shoulder pattern is the arm moving from internal to external?
It looked as though it was demo'd thumb down to thumb up but when executed it seemed to reverse?


wrote …

I believe that PNF is about different patterns, try both.


wrote …

Now he's getting to the stuff I'm really interested in. Knew all the thoracic stuff on the last vid but never knew about this sticky rib problem. Can't wait to try that mobilization! Looking at the opening credits I think some band elements are coming also!


wrote …

It's a great video, but seriously what's with the music while Kelly is talking?


wrote …

I am rolling around on a tennis ball on the carpet . and WOW! I thought I had a high pain threshold.


Stephen Hubbard wrote …

From all that I've seen of him, Kelly may well be the coolest guy in existence. Thank you for these great videos.


Carey Wheeler wrote …

When I grow up I wanna be K-Star!


wrote …



wrote …

Amazing. I had a SLAP tear repair over a year ago and have been fighting for ROM since. I just realize a huge improvement in 4 minutes. Thank you.


wrote …

Great information. Can't wait for the rest......cause I really hate injuries.....


wrote …

Kelly Rocks!!!
Just wish that all of this knowledge will be in a book or a DVD, this is a must in any affiliate tool box.


wrote …

On this one, you don't move the ball down the spine during the 2 minutes?
In the thoracic stretch we did, well generally up rather than down, but do a few laying mexican waves and then move the ball to another owie point.

On this one we find the spot at the top inside corner of the scapula and work it there?

Kelly mentioned moving off that spot if it wasn't found to be a problem, but he doesn't talk about a deliberate progression to other areas.


replied to comment from Kyle Sattgast

I have been diagnosed with a slap tear + with some tendinosis, subscap tear.. How was your rehab after surgery and how long did it take you to get back? I have in mind the individual differences, Thanks


wrote …

While I was doing it I thought "this is bad, I can't imagine what the sledgehammer is."

After I checked my overhead position in the mirror I thought "I can't wait for the sledgehammer."


replied to comment from Bashir Ali Ismail

i also have a slap tear but minimal. doc want to do PT only. it hurts like hell. i just got lacross balls and im gonna try this out.


wrote …

Wowzer this one had me suffering. Did it on the dominant/tight shoulder first, saw a noticeable improvement like the girl with the long hair in the video. Did it on the other shoulder, got it in line with my right one. Really cool.


wrote …

More More More....Kelly Rocks!


wrote …

Absolutely hate the cliff hangers, my body is all jacked up, and I need these tips right meow!
DVD would be awesome. This shit works so good its scary.


wrote …

What's up with some hip mobility 2 minute drills. I'm ok with overhead movement but am desparately in need of hip mobility - external and internal.


wrote …

I train only olympic lifts and my ears perked up when you mentioned in this video how the active shoulder is the position you end in olympic lifts. I worked on this drill last night and I did MUCH better today catching my snatch. My coach isn't big on stretching so I'm extremely happy to have access do these drills, more please.

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