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June 16, 2010

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On the road again ... .

Ian Wittenber of Again Faster is back in the car after visiting with top Northeast Regional finishers Rob Orlando and James Hobart in Part 1 of this series.

The second leg of this multi-part journey finds Wittenber about 215 miles from home as he rolls into New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The first stop is The Rock Health and Fitness Club in Astoria, N.Y., to chat with Jessica Pamanian (second place, Northeast Regional) about her current training regimen. A former softball player at U.C. Berkeley, Pamanian has the athletic background but lacks much experience in CrossFit, having just starting hitting WODs seriously three weeks before her fourth-place finish at the New England Sectional.

Next up are two veterans to the CrossFit Games, Lauren Plumey (Shoreline CrossFit) and Heather Bergeron (CrossFit New England), who talk about their experiences at the 2009 Games and their outlook on this year’s event.

16min 17sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Reflections on the Northeast Regionals by Jason Ackerman.

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11 Comments on “All Over the Map 2: Pamanian, Bergeron and Plumey”


wrote …

Hot hot and hot. That is how I would describe those ladies.


wrote …

I'm not familiar with Jessica, but she looks tough. Heather and Lauren look like they've gotten much stronger as well.


wrote …

Good, luck ladies!


wrote …



wrote …

Heather is that an Alta(Utah Ski resort) on the box you are sitting on in this video? If so good on you, Alta is incredible. Although I have to say that next time you are out here you need to try Snowbasin, by far the best kept secret in the world. Good luck to all of you ladies


wrote …

I meant to say Alta sticker. Is that an Alta sticker?


wrote …

Sweet veins Heather ;^)

You're going to kill it this year!


wrote …

Good luck to all three of you ladies you look strong and ready to kill it.

Heather I love your watch what is it I want one!!


wrote …

"Hot hot and hot. That is how I would describe those ladies. "

yeah. crossfit has effectively ruined my standards when it comes women. its seriously becoming a problem...


wrote …

Jessica P. was cutting herself short when talking about her softball career- she won a National Championship with Cal Softball in 2002 and had HUGE RBI's off of Arizona's Jennie Finch in the Championship game...Jessica and Jocelyn Forest (CF West Santa Cruz) were teammates.

Can't wait to see these ladies compete in July!


wrote …

Heather u sweetheart! you're lookin so strong; can't wait to see u at the big show!

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