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All Over the Map 3: Phillips and Smith by Ian Wittenber - CrossFit Journal

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June 19, 2010

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Still in his car, Ian Wittenber is seeking out the most elite of athletes: those who qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games. On the third leg of this crazy journey, he’s in the American capital, Washington, D.C., to catch up with Christy Phillips (first, Central East Regional) and Ben Smith (second, Central East Regional).

Christy Phillips is currently in nursing school and a trainer at CrossFit MPH. She takes her work very seriously but tries to keep her workouts and time in the gym fun and lively. “It’s the best hour of the day,” Phillips says. Given her experience at the Games, she’s got an interesting and potentially unique take on volume leading up to this year’s competition.

At just 19 years young, Ben Smith already has one CrossFit Games under his belt, and now he’s on his way to his second. While he trains in his garage, his performance at the Central East Regional shows that he has what it takes to perform at the highest level.

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Additional reading: Event Recap: Central East Regional.

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17 Comments on “All Over the Map 3: Phillips and Smith”


wrote …

Christy, I love you, and're a beast!..good luck to both of you!


wrote …

Ben, as a fellow Garage CrossFitter, I'm truly inspired by the numbers and times you are putting up!
I'll be sure to look for you during the Games and Good Luck!!


wrote …

Having had the pleasure of meeting and working out with Ben a few times I can tell you, you probably won't meet a more humble and deserving person. And to believe he is only 20 years old and is on his 2nd trip to the Crossfit Games is incredible to say the least. Looking forward to following him at the Games. Good luck Ben


wrote …

Ben, You are the MOST impressive crossfitter I have seen this year. So young, AND training on your own. You have the strength, the drive and you certainly have the heart to WIN the GAMES. GO GET IT.


wrote …

Christy for the WIN!


wrote …

When can we start betting on CrossFit? Where the bookies @?


wrote …

Really impressed with Ben's stats and approach.

Also good work getting a Snatch PR with his nose a few inches away from his fridge/freezer


wrote …

Those stats are awesome!!!
That' s really unbelievable that a guy with such a strenght can sub a 5' Mile run!!!
I' m really impressed!!!


Chris Worden wrote …

It's worth writing out some of Ben Smith's goals, they are pretty impressive. From his piece of paper in the garage:

550lb Deadlift (not complete)
265lb Snatch (not complete)
320lb Clean and Jerk (completed)
330lb Clean (completed)
450lb Back Squat (completed)
Bodyweight Press 185lb (completed)
60 Consecutive pull-ups (completed)
50 Consecutive Handstand push-ups (not complete)
50 225lb Power Cleans under 8 min (complete)
Run a mile in under 5min (completed)
Run a 400 in under 1:00 (completed)
Qualify for the 2010 CrossFit Games (completed)
Win the 2010 CrossFit Games (not completed)


wrote …

hell yeah ben! go get it!


wrote …

Should've added this before. This past year our box held a fundraiser for the Ft Hood crossfitters that died as did many boxes across the country. Ben's warm-up for the Lumberjack wod was King Kong.


wrote …

I teach an Advanced PE class at Hickory HS in Chesapeake. All we do is crossfit and play competitive sports. I would love to have you talk to my classes and demonstrate your impressive skill and strength at Olympic lifts. If you're interested contact me at


wrote …

What kind of run training have you been doing?
Amazing combination of strength and speed!!


wrote …

Thanks guys for all the support! And Christy, you put out an incredible performance out in Ohio... again! You're gonna do great at the games, Good Luck!

James. I do a lot of intervals/crossfit endurance Wods, it is great stuff and it has definitely helped me become a stronger runner.


wrote …

To Chris Worden
Chris i guess Ben complete the 265# snatch and the 320# C&J at the end of the Vid!!!
That' s awesome!!!
My money on you Ben.


wrote …

Wow Ben, really really impressive. Its cool to see somebody from the va beach area representing at the games. I wish you the best, i'll be rooting for you at the games.


replied to comment from Ben Smith

Super impressed with your work ethic, humbleness and determination. Nice work! As a fellow garage Crossfitter I am rooting for you at the games. Give'em hell!!

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