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June 24, 2010

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Ian Wittenber is living the CrossFit version of a Kerouac novel, driving across the country in search of the characters who will compete at the CrossFit Games.

With over 1,000 miles on the odometer, Wittenber finds himself in Georgia with Brandon Phillips and North Carolina with Spencer Hendel.

Phillips finished 30th in 2009, while Hendel cracked the Top 16, finishing 12th. Both athletes are very strong, and the 2009 experience highlighted areas they needed to work on to bolster their brawn. Phillips has been focusing on flexibility, stamina and endurance, while Hendel has been emphasizing body-weight movements.

Phillips took second place in the Southeast Regional, and Hendel was fourth. They’ll renew their rivalry in less than a month when the 2010 CrossFit Games get underway at the Home Depot Center.

Video by Again Faster.

9min 30sec

Additional reading: Event Recap: Southeast Regional.

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11 Comments on “All Over the Map: Phillips and Hendel ”


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Extremely well done!


wrote …


I look forward to these interviews every week... They are so well done and I know I speak for the enitre crossfit community when I say thank you for taking time out of your life to post these great interviews of the top athletes on the Journal!

Keep up the Great work and again, Thanks!



wrote …

I've trained with BP over the last year and he is one of the most balanced athletes I've ever met. Flexibility of a yoga instructor, strength of a powerlifter and metcon of a runner, he's going to be a force this year. Great video Ian!


wrote …

Man I wish my highschool had a gym like that. My University barely did :P


wrote …

Wow two studs, sounds like you are doing awesome work for your community Brandon. One kid at a time.


wrote …

Both of these guys are incredible athletes as well as great guys to hang out with. Good luck in training, can't wait for LA!


wrote …

Great video. I don't know Brandon, but I have had some exposure to Spencer Hendel....he is legit. Good luck to both athletes.


Eric Richards wrote …

Brandon has been part of many of our events, including The Garage Games, where he took top honors. This event had him squared off against several other CF Games Alumni, and he not only maintained that humble spirit that you saw in the video, he also beat a bunch of guys in events that were geard towards teh "running man". Brandon dowsn't look like a running man.

Got to watch Spencer at Regionals as well. Both are solid competitors, and appear to be very well rounded. Confident the Southeast will be very well represented, especially when we throw in Rich Froning, and Mike G into the mix.

Good luck guys, and, I hope to see both of you at the Garage Games in 2011!


wrote …

The South will be well represented this year. Not only are these guys exceptional crossfitters, but they are class acts as well! Thanks BP, it's nice to know kids can have such positive role models!


wrote …

Yeah BP!!


wrote …

Now that's a role model right there. Keep it up Brandon!

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