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June 28, 2010

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Ian Wittenber continues his journey to L.A., this time visiting Decatur and Atlanta, Ga., to chat with strong southern women Shana Alverson and Laura DeMarco.

In 2009, Alverson didn’t feel like she was supposed to be at the CrossFit Games. Despite her doubt, the former musician finished 25th, and in 2010 she earned another shot at the Games by finishing third in the Southeast Regional.

Laura DeMarco, once an inactive “art kid,” is also heading back to the big dance, this time after a fourth-place finish at the regional level. She finished 15th last year even though she was very raw: she had never snatched before the Games but still pulled 115 lb. overhead to tie for ninth in the 1RM snatch WOD.

Both athletes have been fine-tuning their training as the Games approach, working with coaches they hope will be able to help them reach the podium in 2010.

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional reading: Event Recap: Southeast Regional.

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6 Comments on “All Over the Map: Alverson and DeMarco”


wrote …

Shana, I have subscribed to your blog for awhile and I think you are absolutely on par with the other Games athletes. I am glad to see you believing it, too.

I like what Laura said about needing to get faster rather than stronger once you reach a certain strength level. Way to be really honest about your weaknesses. As a bigger athlete I definitely sympathize with the fight against gravity! Also, what an awesome mom you are to encourage your daughter even though she isn't into the same things you are. I agree she will appreciate it more as she gets older.

Seeing what each of you can do inspires me to get in the gym and bust my butt on my own weaknesses. Both of you ladies are absolute bad asses and I look forward to cheering you on at the Games!


wrote …

Shana and DeMarco,

You are both phenomenal athletes, coaches, business women and people! It's an honor to know you. Good luck at the Games. Do ATL proud!!!


wrote …

Laura, I watched your interview last night as I ate a side of beef and a thousand crowns of brocolli and it made for a wonderful meal. Leanna and I wish you best of luck. We are very excited for you and anxiously await the carnage you will leave in your wake at the HDC.

Outlaw Ross


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Loved this - it's great to hear from people who are doing really well with CrossFit who weren't athletes before.


wrote …

laura- you look amazing!! can't wait to see you in cali!


wrote …

It's interesting to see CrossFit as a sport evolving from "unknown and unknowable" to having athletes on the cusp of experimenting with peaking for maximal efforts. I'd be interested in seeing an article from HQ about how to maximize peaking for these efforts. Do you go through a strength periodization and then go into a METCON heavy focus in the weeks leading up to the games? I'm extremely interested to see what the elite guys and girls do in comparison with one another.

Extremely fascinating.

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