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All Over the Map 1: Orlando and Hobart by Ian Wittenber - CrossFit Journal

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June 12, 2010

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The All Over the Map series finds Ian Wittenber of Again Faster racking up the miles on his car as he drives from Boston, Mass., to Los Angeles, Calif. Along the way, he’ll interview as many CrossFit Games competitors as he can, giving the CrossFit community a closer look at the athletes who will be competing at the Home Depot Center in July.

In the first installment, Wittenber interviews Rob Orlando and James Hobart at Hybrid Athletics in Connecticut. Orlando, a strongman competitor who spent the last year improving his running and met-con abilities, finished 22nd in 2009. Hobart, who has some impressive Oly numbers, finished 70th. Both men have been training hard and beating on their goats in hopes of improving on their Aromas performances.

Orlando will be at the Games by virtue of a No. 1 finish at the Northeast Regional, where he won three of four events. Hobart qualified by finishing in second, only eight points behind Orlando.

Video by Again Faster.

12min 15sec

Additional reading: The 2010 CrossFit Games website.

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9 Comments on “All Over the Map 1: Orlando and Hobart ”


wrote …

Terrific video!

Great guys!

I wish Rob and James the best on their journey!!

Nick DiMatteo


Nigel Gordijk wrote …

Rob is my favourite crossfitter, his insane workout ability coupled with his amazing humility make him an inspiration. I want you to win too Rob!


wrote …

Go for it Rob and show the West what the East is about.


john mcevoy wrote …

awesome awesome awesome vid!
If you could go into a little more detail with the athletes about their diet it would be good.


wrote …

I love it when people state what they want. Way to not mess around Rob!!!! Go kick some ass.


wrote …

I will be rooting for Rob! Incredible athlete!


wrote …

I love that Rob put it strait out there, because everyone wants to win. Orlando has always been one of my favourite Crossfit athletes!


wrote …

I am rooting for both of them :).


wrote …

That Rob Orlando is one cool mother F@#$er!

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