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June 10, 2010

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Nothing should strike fear in the hearts of 2010 CrossFit Games competitors like hearing Mikko Salo has cleaned up his diet and improved his flexibility. Incredibly, his strength and met-con numbers are also improving.

The humble Finnish firefighter from Pori is on a mission, sprinting toward this year’s competition with a self-acknowledged bumper-plate-sized target on his back and the world’s top athletes gunning for his title.

Across The Pond to cover the Europe Regional, Sevan Matossian took time to catch up with the 2009 champ and find out what his program has looked like over the past nine months and what his plans are for the future. Mikko also speculates on which athletes will provide his toughest competition when the 2010 Games begin.

9min 03sec

Additional reading: Salo, Wagner Win 2009 CrossFit Games by Mike Warkentin, published July 14, 2009.

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50 Comments on “Mikko Salo Prepares for the Games”


wrote …

WOW!!!!!! Not much else to say!


wrote …

i know amazing!!!
this guy does PALEO then, must be working!!!

Wouldnt we all love to know his actual daily diet!!!


wrote …

Ridiculous, he's gotten better across the board... 5 Sets of 473lb x 5 DL at 176lb body weight. Now that's just stupid...


Brian Bowen wrote …

It's gonna be a repeat!

Good luck Mikko!


replied to comment from Carlos Armas

Was it 215kg (473lbs) or 250kg (550lbs)?


wrote …

Motivating! Great focus- just gets the work done! Makes me want to get off my tail and train more.


wrote …

Scary! "everything better"


wrote …

Paleo . . . I am curious if it is measured or if it is he just goes by how hungry he is.


wrote …

I would like to learn more about what he eats to replace the energy of the pasta. Like he says its apparently hard to get enough energy. Thats a big question for me regarding paleo.


wrote …

This guys is a true beast. I can't wait to see more footage of him!


wrote …

Fruits and VEGGIES for you carbs and "energy"...Mikko is my hero. I have like 200 CF heros haha


wrote …

I think it was 215kg wich is 473pounds x 5, pretty good, ho?! :DD


wrote …

If anyone still needs convincing that you should focus on mobility, Mikko's 20kg improvement in the snatch balance after one (!) session has to do it


wrote …

So glad I signed up for that Mobility and Recovery cert in September!


wrote …

Ladies and gentlemen you heard it from the best... quality of food not quantity.


Andrew Benton wrote …

Truly a beast. No other words can be used to describe Mikko


wrote …

whos that awesome osteopath? i feel like i saw him doing muscle-ups on Tower Bridge once!


wrote …

"Benchmark workouts PR every time" 'nuff said.

Wonder how he eats in detail, like meal-timing and -size.


wrote …

Anyone know what kind of wrist wraps he's wearing? i've been looking at pairs for a while, I liked his with the stripes.


wrote …

Nice little cameo from Jami from CrossFit Thames. He's one of a new breed that can help greatly with biomechanics, mobilizations and stretching. I'm lucky enough to work with a 3D practitioner in Manchester who has helped rehab my knee problem I'd had for over a year with no improvement and an inability to squat. The normal medical community had told me to give up ever thinking about squatting again! They are very good at fixing poor movement patterns that cause pain in a very short space of time! Saved myself a lot of money on physio fees since working with these kind of guys!


replied to comment from George Corbo

Hey George -
Doesn't look like the wrist wraps are sold in the U.S. market. Most GASP workout apparel is only available through overseas vendors. Here's a link to a Canadian website:

Also, try Dave Tate's website - you'll get some good wrist wraps there, too.

As for Mikko ... I wonder if any of the other qualifying athletes are scared, yet? Watching this has to be demoralizing for them.


wrote …

Wow! Mikko's looking much bigger. I can't imagine what will happen when he "really gives himself over to CrossFit" after the games. As if the training he does now is not intense enough :) His lifestyle is inspiring.


wrote …

What a great guy, wishes to train with Speal and Khalipa so that they ALL can get better.

I figure most don't think of the competition the same way.


wrote …

Great questions Sevan. Stellar video!


wrote …

thanx sevan, and could you follow him around all day and just turn the camera on just when he's eating. thanx in advance !


wrote …

This guy is a CrossFit monk, order of the badass.


wrote …

5 x 5 Dead Lift at 215kg .....

Mikko, you are truly an inspiration for a less experienced athlete like myself. Your humble humility, represents
the essence of sportsmanship and compassion.

I will be cheering for you 100% this year!!


wrote …

5 x 215kg @ 80kg bw is nuts! 5 x 5 x 215kg is just mind boggling. My current PR is 215kg for a single and I thought I was doing quite well. Ha! Mikko just makes me shake my head and laugh! If anyone beats him at the games they will most certainly be a worthy winner.


wrote …

That is one terrifying man! I just happened to be wearing my Mikko Rogue shirt watching this video. ;)


replied to comment from Kyle Hougendobler

terrifying in the freak athlete sense, he actually seems like a really nice guy. what an absolute animal.


wrote …

add this strength to his cardio respiratory ability (17minute 5k row) and his technical ability and....only injury prevents a repeat.


replied to comment from George Corbo

I use Shiek. There just awesome they look like the ones he is using


wrote …

"They are coming for me, so I have to be better"



wrote …

Mikko, I can't make it overseas with the gym and especially our new addition to our family. But you are always welcome to pay a visit to Park City and if the opportunity ever presents itself the feeling is mutual. I would love to train with you for a month and push one another, work with our programming, diet, etc. Would be a great learning experience for the both of us.

You're a great representation of what a CrossFit Games champ should be. See you in July.


replied to comment from Greg Cox

Yes terrifying as an athlete. The guy is solid!


replied to comment from Jeffrey Fabian mikko!


wrote …

Chris, Mikko,

Can I play too? You guys are humble heroes. World Cup fever aside, I'm SO excited for the 2010 Games. Even the Affiliate Cup intrigues me! So many people to root for.



wrote …


Exciting to see how far he can go, and how far the level of elite CF athletes will progress to...


Jason Khalipa wrote …


I would love to train with you. Let's chat at the Games or through email and try and work something out. There are many other's near by (California) that we can train with as well if you would like to travel here.

See you soon!



wrote …

i would love to see a more detailed video on his programming and diet.

Infact Mikko is missing from the crossfit food journal as we've had Everett, Speal and Khalipa.


EC S wrote …

mikko rules.

love the comments, speal and jason. you guys rock.


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Mikko is a Class Act!

Notice how he's trying to get away from Sevan and the camera to many times you see people gladly forgo/stall their workout to get some air time.

He also gives concise answers with no ego or bravado.

Well done Sevan on another great vid with smart questions and perspective!


wrote …

Mikko, Speal, and guys rock. I can't wait to watch you all throw down at the Games. Humble athletes inspire me. Good luck to everyone competing!


wrote …

I greatest CrossFittters are the most humble. Mikko, your awesome! Goodluck in July.


wrote …

Wow...I love CrossFit! because of all the reason above and more!
Games 2010!


wrote …

Any Athlete that has made the games this year or who have been in them are just flat out AMAZING HUMANS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



wrote …

Awesome Vid.

Have the pleasure of working with Jami on a daily basis, and I gotta say that his mobility work is amazing!

Check out his mobility blog for videos and stretches you can do at home.


replied to comment from Jason Williams

Thanks for the link Jason.

Mikko is a machine.


wrote …

Sisu is a Finnish term loosely translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

Sisu, somes up Mikko quite well he is very inspirational! I will be cheering for you Mikko at the games this year and I cant wait to see some of the dark horses compete this year is going to be insane!

Home depot center t-minus 37days and counting...


replied to comment from Christopher Walker

Thanks Christopher.

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