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June 29, 2010

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CrossFit competitions are intense tests of physical skills—but they’re also where colorful characters let it all hang out. A now-sober Kevin Daigle reports.

The more I compete in CrossFit, the more I learn about myself—including how bad Rob Orlando and James Hobart can kick my ass.

Having just returned from Albany, N.Y., and the Northeast Regional event, I should be ready for a long summer’s rest and recovery. Strangely, I’m fired up about training as never before.

What the hell is wrong with me? I just got my ass beat at regionals like the Karate Kid sans Mr. Miyagi. I shouldn’t be excited about training. Is it because I finished 29th? While I don’t consider my finish that impressive in absolute terms, it met my goal, and it isn’t a bad spot in the pool of approximately 212 firebreathers who started at the sectional level. Am I excited to train because the volume (for those of us who didn’t make the cut for the Albany Crippler final WOD) was fairly low for a competition? No, that’s not it. My shoulders burn like the morning pee after a night at the Bunny Ranch in Vegas.

I realized what it was on my drive to work the following Tuesday morning: CrossFit isn’t real life. No one has that much fun in real life—at least not with clothes on.



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wrote …


Great article and very funny. Summed up the competition perfectly. If you're ever in Manchester, come by CrossFit New Hampshire. We have grown considerably!

Continue to breath fire!


wrote …

only one expression can describe this funny story...

bahahahahahahahahaha... =)

keep writing!!


wrote …


Awesome write up dude I'm so glad i took that pic of Heathers shenanigans.


wrote …

Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it. Now I just have to recover from that debacle and get ready for next year.


wrote …

Great article! Well stated and makes me want to go to any I can, but the most important thing... where in the world do I get 1/2lbs Reeses Cup???

Good job, keep it up.


Joshua Mandel wrote …

Great Article! Couldn't agree more. I was actually laughing out loud reading this and then clicking over to your blog. Not sure what it is but I am the same way. I usually have my cheat meals on Sunday. It always makes for an interesting Monday in the bathroom, especially before my workout.


wrote …

Funny shit!


wrote …

Kevin, amazing article!!!!! I loved the descriptions of the athletes (especially the sunglass/hoodie ones hahahhaa)

Keep it up man, and good luck training for next year!

Hopefully see you at the Games next month!


replied to comment from Michael Whities

Thanks Michael! You can find those online at the Reese's store. They're only 1lb though total. one half lb per PB cup.


replied to comment from Joshua Mandel

Josh, I actually wrote an entire post about the laxative effect of barbells. It's probably the best work of my life, I doubt I'll ever top it.

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