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The New Guy: The Southeast Regional by Various - CrossFit Journal

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June 11, 2010

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The Southeast Regional was one of three events held on the last weekend of qualification, and the competition featured a host of big names. 2009 Games athletes Mike Giardina, Spencer Hendel, Steve Smith, Brandon Phillips, Sean Provost and Russell Berger were all on the roster, but they were pushed to the limit by the likes of Rich Froning Jr., Nathaniel Schrader and Ken Gall.

The regional featured five events:

WOD 1—Squat-clean ladder: one clean every 50 seconds, with a 1-lb. bonus awarded to the best lift for each bar jerked overhead (215-335 lb.).

WOD 2—12 minutes total, with 20 handstand push-up buy-in. Then AMRAP of 20 double-unders, 10 box jumps (24 inches) and 10 sandbag lunges (60 lb.).

WOD 3—4 rounds for time of 4 muscle-ups and 16 kettlebell snatches (8 per arm, 53 lb.).

WOD 4—2 rounds of row 500 meters and 25 burpees.

WOD 5—8 rounds of 2 squat snatches (145 lb.), 4 push presses or jerks (145 lb.), 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups and run 200 meters.

For complete results, click here.

In the end, Froning Jr. bested past Games athletes Phillips, Giardina and Hendel to go into the 2010 CrossFit Games as the top competitor from the Southeast.

Video by Again Faster.

17min 14sec

Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.

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11 Comments on “The New Guy: The Southeast Regional”


wrote …

I think the South has a chance at winning the Games, maybe even taking a few of the top 10 spots. The sheer number of CF athletes in the South is staggering and competitions are popping up weekly, which is a distinct competitive edge. Eventually we may see some off-season training camps down here. Good luck, train hard!


wrote …

Great stuff. It never ceases to amaze me how truly humble CrossFit athletes are...


wrote …




wrote …

Great Vid! I'm glad to see the South get so much coverage. This regional was no joke! These top 4 competitors are as humble as they are talented. It's great to have them representing the Dirty South!

Go get 'em fellas!


wrote …

4 stand up guys, all around. Proud to have all of you representing the Dirty South!!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Great job by all those guys!
Their mental toughness & dedication was very evident in their performances.


wrote …

I'll echo Mike and Bethanie, the qualifying athletes are just as great as people as they are athletes. Such a fun weekend, I love my Dirty South CrossFit family!


wrote …

Congrats to Mike G and all the Dirty South Games Qualifiers!!


wrote …

What a great bunch of fire breathers! Appreciate the humility gents, as impressive as the ass kicking performances.


wrote …

I have too say that the Dirty South Qualifier was one of the most amazing displays of physical toughness and mental fortitude that I have ever seen. Not just from the top 4 (although no one can question their kick ass abilities) but from all of those that came out and put it on the line. I am consistantly amazed by the athletes that CrossFit has created and will continue to create. I am happy and proud to be a part of this amazing community and can't wait to see how the boys from the south do in Cali... I will also echo those who have already commented on the humility and abilities of those top tier athletes that earned their spot in the games. I have the pleasure of knowing B.P. and Mike G. and can say without a doubt that they are both wonderful people and great representitives for the Dirty South and CrossFit. Spencer and Rich... don't know you guys very well yet, but what I do know of you through short conversation and interaction, it is clear that you both are as great as people as you are as athletes. Good luck to all of you, train smart for the next 4+ weeks and know that the whole Southeast will have your back when you step onto the stage at the Home Depot Center this July.....
Great Job... Get Some!!!!!!


Dominic Sirianni wrote …

It was a lot of fun to watch and help out. I was just amazed by the level of competition. Their were quite a few athletes that didn't make it to teh games that were just serious bad asses as well. Good times.

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