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June 26, 2010

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In May 2007, Steve Liberati opened Steve’s Club, a non-profit CrossFit affiliate for urban youth in Camden, N.J. His goal was simple: improve the lives of the area’s youth through fitness and community. After several years of consistent effort, Liberati has established a name for himself, and his community is thriving.

“Steve’s Club is a DisneyWorld … a place where dreams are made and happy times are had; where they can share stories, experiences, ideas, and goals with your friends; where a kid can be a hero for a day and finish a workout that adults do; where they can learn new skills, new movements and a new way to look at health and fitness; where everyone comes out on top and walks about feeling accomplished and proud; where they can run around outside without having to worry about stray bullets or stepping on dirty needles or crack pipes; where they can confide in someone who respects and cares about them, someone who is willing to offer advice whether it is fitness related (or) about nutrition, school or life,” Liberati says.

Steve’s Club relies heavily on fundraising to keep their efforts alive, and on May 15 they held their second annual Beat the Streets fundraiser. Again Faster was there with cameras rolling.

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Additional reading: Will CrossFit Make American Kids Smarter? by Lisa Bakshi, published Jan. 26, 2009.

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11 Comments on “Beating the Streets With Steve’s Club”


wrote …

This man has won the hearts and mines of this community and kids. We as a Crossfit community owe it to our communities and kids to do the same. One kid at a time off the street is a step in the right direction.


wrote …

Leading by example.


Kevin Dette wrote …



wrote …

Inspiring work Steve! I'll continue to buy those PaleoKits, glad some of the funds are going to a great cause.


wrote …

The kids inspire the adults. The challenges they deal with on a daily basis are incomprehensible.


Shane Skowron wrote …

This is great. We need more of these.


wrote …

Great work Steve!!! You are really changing lives.


wrote …

Great work Steve and what an inspiration. I work at a high school and train young athletes and one of them said something that caught me off guard. After a workout she said, "when we are suffering in the workout we can't say to you, 'well you do it then?' because you do it". Your actions speak volumes before any words are often uttered. Well done Steve!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Beyond cool!


wrote …

Wow! Just ran across this and love it!!! Maybe one day I will have a club/box for underprivileged kids!!! Way to go Steve!


wrote …

I work these young guys everyday they are amazing and inspiring!

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