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Climbing the CrossFit Ranks by Kim Csizmazia and Will Gadd - CrossFit Journal

Climbing the CrossFit Ranks

By Kim Csizmazia and Will Gadd

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Kim Csizmazia and Will Gadd are an all-star couple in the world of multi-sport mountain athletics. Combine their extreme-sports accomplishments and you’ve got a stack of hardware including two world ice-climbing championships and five X Games gold medals. Gadd, who has also set two paragliding world records and is recognized as one of the world’s best climbers, was the host of the Discovery Channel series Fearless Planet.

After CrossFitting for just over nine months, Csizmazia (chiz-mah-ZEE-uh) decided to put her athletic background and training to the test at the Canada Regional in Okotoks, Alta., after finishing 11th in the Central Canada Sectional. Having less than a year of CrossFit under her belt didn’t hurt this super-fit mother. Double-unders put her behind in the fourth event (44th-place finish), but her overall performance was very consistent—she was around 20th place in all events, save one, which was good enough for 25th overall.

We had the chance to catch up with Csizmazia and Gadd to get their perspective on CrossFit and the regional competition.

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Additional reading: Event Recap: Canadian Regional.

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8 Comments on “Climbing the CrossFit Ranks”


wrote …

"Meh, set some world records"

Will and Kim are awesome people, and legends in the climbing world. I was stoked to see them on the Journal, although not surprised. Nor was I surprised at how humbly they speak of their former pursuits. They have both spent a great deal of time being the 'best in the world' at various things!

Keep cranking Will & Kim!


wrote …

Eerily similar to my results at the Canadian Regionals. A few months of Crossfit - 16th,17th,18th,20th and 46th with a lower back meltdown on the wall balls for a 22nd overall....but no world records ;)

Great job guys!


wrote …

Gadd is a machine, Google 'Will Gadd 24 Hours of Ice' for one of his more impressive recent feats. Alpinist has a good write up.

I love when the best of the best turn out to be salt of the earth guys.


Andy Petranek wrote …

I'm not surprised at Kim's performance. She comes from a family of total studly athletes... including her parents in Hood River! I adventure raced with her brother, Patrick in the Eco Challenge. He was the winner of Survival of the Fittest back in the 90s... both the US and International competitions - I think for like 3 years in a row. He can basically do anything, REALLY well. I've never met Kim... but she's definitely a force to be reckoned with... and is a very accomplished rock climber, mountaineer, outdoors person. Awesome to see that she's competing this year!


wrote …

"People throwing down like this... that's cool."

Love the statements, love the attitude. Did you notice the mental clarity she was having post wod? That's awesome.

Very nice video!


wrote …

It's funny to see Kim and Will on Crossfit, totally unexpected in some ways but predictable for other reasons. I've known Kim since she was a teenager and had the pleasure of being her swim coach for a summer way back when. Worked with her guiding in the mountains and generally have watched her various careers for decades. Both of them are, indeed, legends in several pursuits. Someone should have asked about her "interesting" orthopaedic history. Makes her even more bad-ass. Awesome to see her cranking again.


wrote …

Ah c'mon...every other video here gives the music artist at the end and I'm dying to know who that was.


wrote …

Hungarians FTW! :) (Csizmazia is a very Hungarian name)

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