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July 24, 2010

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We’re back at Eleiko HQ with 1992 Olympics competitor Anders Lindsjö talking about the deadlift and snatch. Lindsjö starts the group off with an interesting concept: everyone practices very light deadlifts with poor positioning of both their feet and their back. Doing so reinforces where these athletes shouldn’t find themselves mid-lift.

“You have to feel it … ,” Lindsjö says.

9min 5sec

Additional reading: Your Form Sucks by Dr. John Zimmer, published May 22, 2010.

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16 Comments on “Perfect Position: Deadlift and Snatch”


wrote …

Loved the ending part about tension, really nice and concise, definitely going to use some of this on Monday.


wrote …

I love these videos! Keep it coming :D


wrote …

Interesting to start by teaching what is out of bounds. I like his "feel how wrong this feels" approach.

Lots of ways to skin the cat ...


wrote …

how good is enjoying a restful sunday afternoon on the couch, and just attended a workshop
on Olympic weightlifting by an ex Olympian! This is amazing.

Never before would i have been able to get this kind of coaching...the education is priceless.

Thank you Crossfit.


wrote …


I dig these vids.


wrote …

great job!!! i could listen to others teach the oly lifts ALL DAY LONG!!!! YAHOO!!!


wrote …

Great Video! Love the bit about tension in the hams glutes and back!


wrote …


Great teacher, getting students to actively think and contribute to their own understanding - Excellent!


wrote …

Isn't this exactly what Rip has taught?


wrote …

Great explanation, on keeping the bar over the chest as long as possible.


wrote …

I can't play the ipod/iphone version on my iphone 3g. Could someone please check the format? Thanks.


replied to comment from Vincente Marshall

Yeah, but Rip did it a hell of a lot better.


Dane Thomas wrote …


...and Rip did it speaking his native language.

When it comes to Anders and Romanov and others who are doing the best that they can in English, I'd rather glean what I can than go without.

I see it as a spectrum of communication. The foreigners struggle sometimes to find words to express their ideas, and we have to work to interpret them. Rip just says it like it is and it isn't at all difficult for most of us to take his message to heart. With Louie it feels like he is dumping wheelbarrows full of information but I've only got a bucket.


wrote …

Wow, if there is one thing that is harder than trying to articulate what is going on with the olympic lifts, it is doing it in multiple languages!!! Awesome job!!!


wrote …

Dane...I'm right there with you...I'm more than happy to watch their videos over and over again. As many times as it takes to get the nuances of what they're trying to get across in a language that is not their 1st. I'm perfectly happy to make my brain work harder to grasp what these guys mean when they use words and phrasing that native English speakers wouldn't use. I think I actually get more out of it because I'm forced to pay closer attention.


wrote …

very helpful!

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