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Weightlifting Workshop at Eleiko by Anders Lindsjö - CrossFit Journal

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July 06, 2010

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There are so many moving parts in an Olympic lift. It takes many years of concentrated training just to get the footwork right, and it can take even more time to establish a solid pull. Then there’s the whole getting underneath the bar thing. That’s tough, too.

Eleiko, makers of some of the finest Olympic and powerlifting gear on Earth, have tapped 1992 Olympics competitor Anders Lindsjö to teach people the proper mechanics.

Lindsjö is familiar with CrossFit training methodologies and speaks candidly with Sevan Matossian about the program.

“You’re lovely welcome to use our exercise,” he says of CrossFitters’ fondness of Oly lifting.

8min 53sec

Additional reading: Snatch Strategies for CrossFit Workouts and Competitions by Dave Castro, published June 2, 2010.

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5 Comments on “Weightlifting Workshop at Eleiko”


wrote …

Thanks for posting the rest of the interview.

I commented on this before but, I love his take on high rep O-lifting. And now his take on form break-down.


wrote …

That's exactly it. We clean and jerk to solve the problem. Good video.


wrote …

Great video! Anders passed on some great knowledge and solidified my belief in using Oly lifts in CF. Great questions Sevan! Over and over those are the questions that I hear from skeptics on using high rep Oly lifts. Thanks for giving Crossfitters ammo to fire back at those questions.


wrote …

Should really do a better job of mic-ing speakers in instructional videos. Cant hear a word being said unless I move into a soundless vaccum


Ned Ferguson wrote …

great questions and very mature comments from Anders. I enjoyed this.

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