56 Inches of Fame

By Ryan Moody

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July 21, 2010

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Anything worth doing is worth overdoing—or so goes the saying. So why shouldn’t we find out who’s got the highest box jump?

Ryan Moody of CrossFit 801 has overcome a lot in his life. CrossFit has helped him recover from numerous injuries and stave off chronic pain with functional movement as therapy. Moody has incorporated a number of Westside Barbell’s methods into his training and finds its strength and speed work beneficial to his overall goal.

At just 5’9”, Moody isn’t overly tall, but what sets him apart is his vertical leap.

“I’ve always liked to jump,” he says.

Standing in front of a huge stack of tractor tires, Moody faces an obstacle that’s chest-high and the only thing separating him from a world record.

The CrossFit Journal has heard anecdotal evidence that other CrossFitters might be able to beat Moody’s jump, but they’ll have to fill out the paperwork and film the attempt if they want the glory. Call the notary, stack the tires and get hopping to see how high we can push the record.

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Additional reading: Kelly’s Koffin: Five Feet Over by Larry Gallagher, published May 25, 2009.

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Erik Miller wrote …

Nice work!
Check out the link below to see a couple of athletes who are close on your heels!


I'll pipe in on this. Haven't dont box jumps in a while. Now that there's a competition... might have to get a few in. Sweet.



wrote …

That's amazing! Great job!


wrote …

We have an athlete at CF Vero Beach who jumped 60.5" from a standing position. Myself and box owner Wendy Shafranski witnessed him do it a couple of times. She took pictures of the jump and measurement!


wrote …

I'm going to brag and say this has been and currently my best friend for 15 years. I've seen all his ups and his downs(referring to his injuries) and this is just amazing. He said, "I've always loved to jump." Couldn't be more true. Has been his thing as long as I've known him. I can't count how many times he stuffed me in b-ball, and I refuse to be on the opposite team. It's embarrassing.

Way proud of you Ryan! Wish I could be their for all of this. Video made me teary eyed, that's right I said it. Seriously, amazing amazing job. So proud of you my friend.

P.S. I refuse to do any wod with box jumps if I'm going against him. Just sayin...


wrote …


wrote …

How is this a record like Kobe Bryant can't do that? Not hating just saying


wrote …

Anyone who says " I know this guy/girl/athlete/grandma/whoever who can easily beat this" is completely missing the point. If someone can beat this then great, DO IT. Go through the process and get the official record broken. Ryan even WANTS you to do it. So stop whining about how it is so easy and get it done. Otherwise just give props or shut up.

BTW - I have 56 inches of fame too, but it ain't for jumping if you know what I mean;)


wrote …

Jeff Chester-

Thank you for that comment. I appreciate that you understood why I did it, and that I am encouraging others to beat it. You saw the point of the whole video.

"overcome obstacles in our lives, and push the envelope for human potential".

PS- you might want to get that 56 inches of fame checked out...sounds like it qualifies for a RIPLEYS BELIEVE or NOT lol.


wrote …

I will work on this but here's a shot...

What an amazing weekend!


wrote …

I'm 5'6" and done the knee replacement, etc. Great video Ryan! Btw, I've jumped over an official badminton net before. Give that a whirl. I was scared but I bet you could do it too.



wrote …

Stellar effort!

Unfortunately I don't think it's World Record worthy. The video says it is, and that Guinness is looking into it, but I think it's just the highest to send in a video...

Vince Carter, MJ, Randy Moss, Jevon Kearse, Nate Robinson can almost vertical jump that...allowing them to bend their knees at the top - look out!

Even Kelly's Koffin goes to 58 inches (they allowed running).


wrote …

5'9" and jumps 56"?? Holy shmolies. Everyone else-put your darn vids up and quit your blabbin' about "dis and 'dat". This kind of vertical from someone of this height downright amazing, not to mention hugely inspiring. Keep up the great work man!


wrote …

@Neil Shafranski

Do you actually know anything about basketball? Kobe Bryant is getting old and has a lot of wear and tear on his body...sure he used to be able to jump high but he wouldn't have anywhere near a 56" vert now. Also comparing the two is pretty silly as in basketball they measure the vertical of a normal jump, usually on a dunk whereas this uses a method to get your legs to the highest point by folding them in.

Please don't say random statements and then call other people douches, it doesn't reflect well upon yourself...


wrote …

I guess I should have also pointed out Moody being 5'9'' with Kobe being a tiny-little bit taller at around 6'6''

Congratulations on all the hard work Ryan!


replied to comment from Simon Gilmurray

@Jeff Chester

I apologize I commented out of haste.


I know the difference between a vertical jump and a box jump. I never said Kobe has a 56 in vert and would never have one even near that. Kobe maybe has one in the 40ish range and I was just throwing a name out there. I'm just amazed that the world record was only 56 when you have many tall guys who would only need like a 20 inch vert to accomplish this feat. It's pretty amazing that a guy as short as Ryan was able to accomplish this. I apologize to Ryan if it sounded like I was minimizing what he's done. Congrats to Ryan for taking the time and getting it in the record books.


wrote …

Does anyone know what video the clip of Louie Simmons talking about power cleaning from the floor is from? Itappears to be from the first Powerlifting Certification with the CF training staff but I can't find that clip anywhere.

Nice job Ryan!


wrote …

Moody........awesome work, bro!! You are a stud.


wrote …

Nicely done Moody! Keep it up. I'm going to try those cleans from the knees, they look bad ass.

Also, Pat Sherwood always has a nice thing to say about everyone, props to you too!


wrote …


wrote …

i did a 60" boxjump with 3 good inches of space b4 my landing, i too am only 5' 8", im sure thats not the world record tho


wrote …


replied to comment from Jason Ashman

That is an impressive video, but I don't think it would qualify as he (or is it you?) seems to grab the pillar when he lands on the top of the "box".


wrote …

Thank you all for the support. Its been a lifetime of pain and struggle for me[especially from being told I'd never walk again on 3 seperate occasions], and its so great to hear the CF community supporting my efforts!!

Just an update from the video. I have received my plaque from the WORLD RECORDS ACADEMY recently. And Guinness is in their final stages of approval, just verifying all the video rights from High 5 Productions[It's a LONG process for all this paperwork and approval stuff...months at a time!!]. After media approval they will ship out their plaque.

Simply an update. For everyone:-)

I encourage others to push the envelope and themselves even further...jump higher, I believe you can do it.

PS- NO PAT...YOUR THE STUD!! lol Well done commentating this weekend brotha!


wrote …

You all suck! I did a 132" box jump, backward, with my eyes closed while an antelope chased me.

P.S. Good job Ryan.


replied to comment from Thomas Davenport

Its not me- A simple search found it- and several others- in and around that height.

And I'm quite certain the column is there because the steps can't take that sort of power landing on them at that height- they rock forward into the column, and he grabs the column to avoid allowing the platform to rock backwards, and collapse. It doesn't appear to be for support at all.

But hey, I ain't in any way splitting hairs; there's no point in anyone ripping on completing a 56" vertical leap- at 56" or 61", it's still insane. Congrats on the ability, Ryan.


wrote …

The person that made the point about everyone who knows someone that can do better... PLEAASSSEEEEE... Powerlifting is much the same. Everyone knows someone who is bigger or stronger than even the best of the best.

The bottom line is this fellow has documented his tremendous accomplishment. The rest is just hearsay.


replied to comment from Jason Ashman

Yes I think that the box is against the wall so that it doesn't topple over, and yes grabbing the wall may prevent the box from toppling over backwards. BUT the limiting factor in a max height box jump is first getting your feet on top of the stack, and second getting your mass centered over your base. Missing usually comes from falling backwards because you cannot get your torso over your feet. By grabbing the wall this guy is pulling himself on top of the box, not a true box jump. This guy still has huge hops, but I'd like to see him do it on a tire like Ryan.


wrote …

"That's what it's about, bettering each other". Great attitude and spirit, Ryan. Congrats on accomplishing a lofty goal and not letting anything stand in your way of living life to the fullest.


wrote …

The WRA take "world records" from any source. I don't care of you got a plaque. Why is HQ putting up videos of people doing, while impressive, what they claim is a world record when it's not? There are videos of people jumping higher. It doesn't matter that the WRA or Guinness says you hold the record. Youtube says you don't.

Before anybody talks about "but what about his hight," I though CF didn't acknowledge weight class. Hight is the same way. Sorry man, but plenty of people have jumped higher than you. It's quite pretentious for HQ to claim a Crossfitter has this record, regardless of the paperwork.


wrote …

I don't think the exact height of the box should be what determines the record but % of hip height the box is.


replied to comment from Vincent Christensen

Can you reference the video or a tag to search? I saw a lot of running box jumps on youtube but no standing box jumps that leave this one behind.


replied to comment from Jean-Paul Pendergast

My bad - post #6 looks solid...


wrote …

Here is a video of me doing 57 3/4 inch yesterday although I did it before watching the "rules" portion so I guess my "walk up" disqualifies me but I will do it agin this upcoming week and post it if I make it.



wrote …

Yes! Moody, you are the man! VERY inspirational video! I am 5'6 140 and have always had the same drive to test my jumping ability. You set the bar high brother! Right after I watched it I dropped to my knees to see if I could jump from them, then at my gym today cleaned 30lbs from the knees. Im working up and want to find more ways to be explosive. I did the Clean/Handstand push up WOD with 185lbs and focused on the hips. It helped me sustain that weight through the work out. I would love to get more ideas and hear more of what you are doing to further your ability. What video does Louie Simmons address that? Keep up the good work my friend. Thanks for sharing your story!


replied to comment from Jason Ashman

this guy is grabbing the wall...


replied to comment from John Mcbrien


wrote …

Ryan awesome video. Hate to say it but ive already beaten your record with no foward momentum. Im on Youtube jesse 58.5 box jump. granted you have the official record, but ive got the real one J_laramee@hotmail.com


wrote …

Loving this!! Out-f^)>l!*9-standing!!! Props Ryan from one damaged spine crossfitter to another (fusion at c-6 c-7)!!!
Trying to improve the wonder of the human body and ability everyday!


wrote …

There sure is a lot more hating and smack talking going on here than I would expect. I think what he is doing is pretty f'ing awesome. Keep it up brother.

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