Before the Muscle-Ups

By Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

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July 28, 2010

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Shortly after the opening ceremonies of the 2010 CrossFit Games, the first heat of women entered the arena ready to tackle a tough couplet of muscle-ups and snatches. With the heats selected according to regional placing, the first group did not feature the top regional competitors, so no one could have predicted the performance they were about to see when Dave Castro said, “Go!”

Enter Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

With a background in gymnastics, the 5’3” Leblanc-Bazinet might have been expected to be the first to knock out all the muscle-ups, but for her to string together nine in a row with a powerful kip was another thing entirely. She paired her ring work with squat snatches that were just 30 lb. shy of her body weight on her way to the second-best time of the event.

Bazinet’s performance throughout the three-day, nine-event test of the world’s fittest played out much like that first event. Her gymnastics ability and overall consistency paid dividends by Games’ end, sending her back to Richelieu, Quebec, with a ninth-place finish.

Pre-Games, Pat Sherwood pulled the then-unknown Leblanc-Bazinet aside for an interview.

“Watch out for Canada,” she said in jest.

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As I was watching her during the Games, I kept thinking how young she is and how her best days are still ahead of her. I couldn't keep my eyes off her!! I hope she keeps it up so she can give Kristan from Valley CrossFit and Annie from Iceland a run for their money in future Games.


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Michal Dunski wrote: i concur Duey Lai....drool*


wrote …

hahaha, i LOVE it when pat talks about food!! more zone chronicles please!


wrote …

Wooo Camille! Represent Canada! And she's totally right, crossfit is exploding here. I'm looking forward to having a good Canadian presence at the games in the next few years.


wrote …

Camille, you were an absolute blast to interview and even more amazing to watch compete! Your happy, positive attitude is fantastic and the crowd really got behind you in every event. Good luck in your training and we hope to see you back next year.


wrote …

My favorite Crossfit athelete.


wrote …

Camille, you were fantastic to watch at the games. Good luck with CrossFit and I'll be watching you at next years games for sure.


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Please be single.


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I will bake you brownie cheesecake for the rest of my life.


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hyphen = ring on the finger : (

Good luck training camille! Hope to see you out there next year!


wrote …

Many people in Quebec have hyphened last names. It often means that her parents' last names were Bazinet and Leblanc. So... she doesn't necessarily have ring on the finger...


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shes smokin


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Where is the new CF facility you just opened? My territory for work is eastern Canada, and I'm up there often. I'd love to drop by sometime to train.


Bart Pair wrote …

The charisma of the CrossFit female! Camille, Kristan, Tanya, Annie, etc. Everybody is so happy - so positive - so alive.

Ambassadors of the sport is an understatement.


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Way to represent the Canadian Flag Camille. What an amazing group of athletes and motivators.

Only bigger and better things for Camille next year for sure.


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C'est tellement le fun de voir une athlète crossfit québecoise dans le 'spotlight'. Votre attitude est définitivement inspirant. Bonne chance à votre famille pour leur nouveau box Crossfit.


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By watching Camille, suddenly ‘’ seems like a pretty good idea to me.


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All the girls in Canada are that bubbly, athletic, easy going, intelligent and hot!

I mean, no they're not. They're not like that at all. Stay away. Don't visit, you wouldn't like it here.........


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Bonjour Camille, je suis un crossfitter et un admirateur de la vôtre. Je vous ai vu la concurrence et vous a attiré mon attention alors que j'ai vu cette interview et j'ai décidé de déclarer mon amour et d'affection pour vous. J'ai un temps de 8:40 Fran, un temps de 41:15 filthy 50, un soulevé de £ 360, mais si ma performance est une question reste assuré mes intentions sont vraiment gros, plus forts et plus rapides (qui ne se traduit pas bien). Je dis que je ne forge tout Elite Fitness démontrer ma passion pour vous. Mon identité est encore inconnue et inconnaissable chaque seconde compte dans ma course pour votre cœur. Je promets, si tu me prends comme votre amant que vos émotions seront constamment variable, les émotions fonctionnelle fait à haute intensité. Cordialement


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Isn't there a rule against speaking French on this site? No? there should be, unless you are as hot as Camille. Very nice interview. Points for forgetting what you wanted to ask... I would have completely gone blank.


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I meqant to say...points for NOT forgetting. Actually this proves my point.


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I meant to say (meant )... I am staying away from Cananda. I would never make it back home.


Mike McGee wrote …

OMG, did she say she had a twin???? I love CrossFit.


wrote …

Amazing athlete and very personable. Spent some time up in the stands hangin out after her last heat, posing for pictures and talking with the spectators. But hate to break it to all the droolers, but pretty sure she has a fiance.... Seem to recall her dropping that word.


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I see Pat had some rough duties at the games.. My life should be that rough

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