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July 17, 2010

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We’re back in the weight room with world arm-wrestling champion Devon Larratt to talk about the tools needed to build your capacities in arm sport.

Many people believe arm wrestling is fought only with the arm moving from right to left, or vice versa. Rising strength makes it a vertical game that relates to the whole body and helps you use your arm as a lever. It’s the most important element of a good arm wrestler because it allows him to extend his opponent and create the critical angles required for a victory.

In Part 3 of this series, Larratt showed you how to turn a common household towel into an implement for building this specialized strength. This time around, attention is turned toward another implement: the karate belt.

9min 27sec

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2 Comments on “Arm Wrestling 101: Rising Strength Part 4”


wrote …

Do you train both arms equally or do you focus on primary arm?


wrote …

This is an excellent series, functional fitness at its best in an age old competition of might. I cant wait to pull some of these techniques out in a kitchen table arm wrestle challenge.

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