Grilled Fish Pockets

By Heather Bergeron and James Hobart

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July 30, 2010

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An athlete’s gotta eat, no doubt about that. Heather Bergeron and James Hobart are athletes, no doubt about that either. Bergeron is a trainer at CrossFit New England and recently finished eighth at the CrossFit Games, and Hobart (CrossFit Boston) is becoming something of a star after finishing 18th in his second CrossFit Games.

Both have been good enough to get in front of Again Faster’s camera for an impromptu cooking session.

Ingredients include:
Salmon fillets
Bell peppers
Mango salsa
Mrs. Dash (optional)

Grilled fish pockets for everyone! Could this recipe be one of the secrets behind Heather and Hobart’s performances at the HDC earlier this month?

Video by Again Faster.

7min 28sec

Additional reading: Fit to Eat: Summer Picnic Menu by Benjamin Sims, published June 1, 2006.

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26 Comments on “Grilled Fish Pockets”


wrote …

They should have something like this on food network!


wrote …

You guys are hilarious!

Heather, nice gun show as you come through the door with the tray of fish!

The chest bump was akwardly funny too!


wrote …

You two are awesome!


wrote …

Chest bump was hilarious.

Seriously though, this is a great idea! Done really well. I'd love to see more.


wrote …

Hobart's reaction to the chest bump was great. really cool vid. that recipe looks awesome,too. The other thing, Hobart is wearing a Canterbury jersey, I think Barbarians: Could I deduce that he is, or maybe was, a rugby player?


wrote …

That was hysterical! "I just shrugged at you" "chest bump" haha


wrote …

Haha this was hilarious and informative.

Zone with Hobart and Bergeron should be a syndicated food show!


wrote …

Wow it got really dark in 10 minutes.


wrote …

This is a great idea. I would love to see more videos like this, especially with the awkward stare a the end! That's a serious kitchen, and the meal was so simple...thanks.


wrote …

This was so comic.


wrote …

Solid gold.


wrote …

What is Mrs Dash??


wrote …

I'm From Alaska but I hate Salmon....go figure! Regardless, looks good and looks simple. You could literally do any protein with that meal. Get some skirt steak, slice up some chicken breasts, use some Halibut chunks, etc. This is a pretty awesome/versatile meal. The kitchen isn't too bad either!


wrote …

any idea what it would be to throw it in the oven? same concept of 450 then reduce for ten? thanks! and awesome video simple but sweet. I love to just make ground sirloin with broccoli and then bleu cheese dressing for a meal.


wrote …

this was great, hope to see more like this.


wrote …

Kris Kross - HA! Somebody download that boy some tunes!! Great recipe and fabulous kitchen - more please!


wrote …

I should NEVER NEVER watch a vid like this when I'm hungry!! Fantasticly simple--but looks delicious.


replied to comment from Brian Hassler

Brian, your best bet would probably to use the broiler, simply reverse the order of layers (and put the skin up) towards the heat. Ten minutes on the middle rack should be good.


wrote …

hahaha, chest bump was hilarious!

i love food posts and i hope these are regular!


wrote …

chest bump :)))


wrote …

Warm it up Kris! I'm about to! Warm it up Kris! 'Cause that's what I was born to do!

HA! Love it!

Thanks for sharing the recipe.


wrote …

Absolutely awesome!!!


wrote …

Tasty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Just made a couple last night with tilapia. Try wrapping the fillets in bacon! The avocado was also a great suggestion. Great vid! Keep 'em coming!


wrote …

awesome i will be trying this TONIGHT


Dale Saran wrote …

For those who don't know - James Hobart is (obviously) just a wonderful guy. He's also a 3L and I hope he'll eventually find his way to CF legal in the coming years when his successful Games Career is over. Very nice, Brother Hobart. Heather was awesome putting James slightly ill-at-ease the whole time. Nice Kris-Kross reference. I'm also old enough to remember it. :-(

(It's like when I mention Atari to my teenage daughters while playing Wii and they say "A-wha-?")

Nothing like grilled salmon and veggies.



wrote …

Warm it up, Chris! I must be old too.

Good stuff!

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