Q & A with Coach Glassman

By Greg Glassman

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July 20, 2010

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FilFest attendees have all the fun. At the 2010 event in Miami, the crowd had the opportunity to ask Coach Greg Glassman anything and everything. Brad Mckee, among others, wanted to hear the answers to some of the most common questions about CrossFit from the man who created the program.

What followed was a series of Coach’s candid responses to everyday questions all trainers will hear. One of the best points: the need for trainers to show what CrossFit is rather than to just regurgitate information about modalities and domains. Further, Coach talks about the importance of overhead work and why we deem certain movements “functional.”

6min 27sec

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wrote …

Love the answer for handstand pushup in real world application! Hawaii has all kinds of inverted proprioception uses! It sucks to get rolled by a wave, think you are coming up for air & hit your head on the sand or reef! I crashed my motorcycle in an enduro race, went for an "endo" flying about 30 ft, tuck & roll summersault at the end and landed on my feet. Don't know how I pulled that off other than spending time upside-down & practicing forward rolls. It was the most fun I've ever had eating #%€£¥! Remember that eating &#>¥%> is not an unknown! It's gonna happen! Train for it!!!


Rob Barrese wrote …

Great stuff!

I would submit my own experience: those with the most questions often seem to be the most uncommitted. The one's who ask fewer questions, seem to be the one's open to change or ready to roll.


replied to comment from Rob Barrese

That's your experience talking, Rob, so I won't argue. I will, however, just caution against making a flat-out assumption that fewer questions means more commitment. When I got started (9 months ago), I was chock-full of questions, and I asked `em until I was satisfied and comfortable with the choice that I was about to make. Kudos to my box owners (Chad Vasquez and Dale Walker; Crossfit Leander) for having the patience to deal with the questions rather than getting tired of me and moving on to someone else.


wrote …

Coach Glassman,

Please stop saying the word "fuck" in your videos. I like to use your videos for instruction to my clients. My clients are kids under the age of nine and I cannot use your videos if there is profanity being used. I am sure there is a better way for you to put emotion into your speech.

Thank you,

Brady Mattingly


replied to comment from Brady Mattingly

I agree that the use of profanity is not really necessary but if your kids watch MTV, etc they hear more profanity and sexual "innuendos" than in all the Journal videos together.


replied to comment from Brady Mattingly


This video is of a boring adult (I found him quite interesting, but that's not the point) going into some boring details about how a handstand is a good thing for other boring adults to do. And you want to show it to children under 9 who probably already know that doing handstands is fun? Why not just let them do the handstands for fun and let us boring adults watch the boring video.




wrote …

It's funny, because I expect- and want- my clients to question everything. It shows they're paying attention, and looking to learn and educate themselves. If they know something about fitness, and disagree with me, I expect them to challenge me on it in a mature manner. I may ask that it be down after the workout, but it always happens; we have after-training discussions on various aspects all of the time.

I don't think you can be a quality trainer without instilling the need to question things in your clients. If you expect them to follow blindly, what's the point?


wrote …

Agree with the profanity comment...I want to share CF videos with diverse groups but can never be sure what coach (or anyone else) is going to say...let's take our speech to an elite level too.


wrote …

I like the no profanity point. But to my CrossFiters take what you learn from the video, make it your own. You are the coach do just that coach, be better then any video.

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