Go West, CrossFitter!

By Kevin Daigle

In CrossFit Games

July 13, 2010

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Journeying to the Home Depot Center this weekend? Kevin Daigle offers his travel tips for the discreet CrossFitter embarking on a savage fitness adventure.

When it comes to traveling, I’ve always been a nervous packer. Think of a squirrel jamming acorns into a suitcase on Nov. 30. Therefore, I do not pack light. With this tendency, though, comes a very CrossFit concept: being prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.

I’ve almost never run into a situation where I had to say, “Oh, shit! I forgot to bring … .” My luggage is heavy, but it’s efficient. In a carry-on-size rolling suitcase and small backpack I can pack enough clothing and equipment for a 12-day trek through Dante’s Inferno, Purgatorio, and not have to do laundry until Paradiso. Screw … checking … bags. Screw it with a 28-volt Milwaukee cordless screw gun.

Being only days away from the big show in Carson, it’s high time I got my stuff together and packed up for the trip to the left coast. So, let’s talk a little about what we need for a trek across the greatest country ever to cornhole King George in order to see the greatest spectacle in sport.



12 Comments on “Go West, CrossFitter!”


wrote …

Kevin, I think this may be your best article ever. You have mastered the ability to be engaging and funny regardless of the subject. Please keep it up!


replied to comment from Jerry Fireman

HILARIOUS! I'll make sure I pack everything I could possibly need!


wrote …

Daigle - Another great one. Keep 'em coming. Love the articles and the blog.


Rob Barrese wrote …

Kevin you are a fucking riot. I pride myself on my witty writings but THAT was some ill shit! Enjoy the flight... hope you don't get stuck next to the fat lady with BO problems!


wrote …

Kevin, That just fucking great. I loved it


wrote …

I don't know why I felt the need to read this, as I know how to pack, but I'm glad I did! Gave me the best laughs of the day! :) hehe - thanks!


wrote …

Kevin....you forgot to pack my protien bars! hehehehe...nice triceps! Have a great time!


wrote …

Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Of course, This is only one of many directions this could have gone...especially with people aboard the flying capsule of consternation that is an airliner. However, space constrains as always! Elaine, if I had any I would be bringing them....but due to my rapidly increasing fatness I need to avoid all sugar for awhile!


replied to comment from Rob Barrese

I definitely thought Rob said "fucking idiot," not riot, the first time i read his post and i was going to reply leaving a smartass remark...but he didn't...sooo yeaaa :p


wrote …


Sunglasses for sneaking a peak (even for those of us who are very happily married and celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on Friday!)..anyway, sunglasses are key!

And, I laughed my A$$ off about the phone charger...I was sure to pack it last night along with the camera cord to get pix. on the computer!



Kim Malz


wrote …

Hahahhah this article is amazing.


wrote …

LOVED IT!! Such a great, fun piece;-)

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