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July 18, 2010

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Mobility and recovery expert Kelly Starrett has a lot of unique ways to improve a client’s range of motion and flexibility without traditional static stretching. By using some basic principles of physical therapy coupled with around-the-house objects, Starrett takes a few athletes at CrossFit Santa Cruz through a series of two-minute drills aimed at improving their performance.

Moving from some localized stimulation in Part 3, this fourth piece of the Two-Minute Drills series has the athletes strewn out across more common CrossFit equipment. Starrett wants his students to work through movements and not focus on muscle groups. By doing so, problems in ranges of motion are identified and addressed systematically.

Pull up the foam roller and round up a kettlebell: it’s time to treat what you find.

6min 58sec

Additional reading: Hamstrung by Kelly Starrett, published July 1, 2007.



21 Comments on “Two-Minute Drills Part 4: The Keg Drill”


wrote …

No surprise; another great vid from KStarr.

Hairy & skinny? What's that? :-)


wrote …

"Does this truck make me look fat? You'd tell me, right?"

Just classic.

Great stuff as always.


wrote …

My favorite video series so far, I have tight shoulders to begin with and have really benefitted from all of K Star videos. Keep them coming.


wrote …

How often should you do these different 2 minute drills? Everday? Once a week?


wrote …

I love the exotic pose that Kelly is in for the cover of the video;-) Are we going to see pole dancing next;-)


wrote …

K-Starr another GREAT video!
my overhead lifts & those with tight shoulders have improved more than we thought possible.

Thanks and keep them coming.
Bill CF Fairbanks

How often? I think it depends on how tight you are. I don't want to speak for kelly...but try one stretch per day & mix them up that way. If you have a problem area, then maybe spend more time there.
I hope that helps.


wrote …

" that creepy, Don't be creepy." Love it.


wrote …

thanks for this - all good


wrote …

Great video! I am going to have to give that a try as my shoulders are a major issue.


wrote …

Would love to see something comparable (i.e., easy and quick) for the lower body: hips, glutes, etc.


replied to comment from Chris Mason

Hi Chris

Possibly easing off on the bench press and doing more overhead pressing and pullups would help too.



wrote …

Just have cameras follow him around all day, and then make him host the 2011 CF games.


wrote …

to chris:

but what if you get out of good positioning while overhead pressing? ie. ribs poke out and an arched lower back.

why do u assume that its all from over bench pressing? maybe its years of sport specific training that has hinder the optimal overhead positioning.

if there are some questions beyond this video, check out the other videos from kstar on this journal. lots of your answers are found there. or attend one of his certs. very valuable.

if you ar tight in any areas, try and strech at least 5 times a day. yes, five times a day.


wrote …

Just diagnosed with an 'internal impingement' of my shoulders after going too heavy on Fran. Rx is for PT stretching...great timing on the video release.


replied to comment from Duncan Beattie

One problem with chins is an old shoulder injury. I use to LOVE chins, but can only do them with a supinated grip now.

Separately, my lack of shoulder mobility also precludes overhead work to any significant degree. My shoulders are so tight I cannot do overhead squats or properly lockout an overhead press (I have to lean back and end up fighting myself).

I really need to get with someone to address the issues.

I do appreciate the suggestion. Oh, and I tried the stretch and it was great!



wrote …

51. 6'8". 215 (down from 245). Three months into a slow scaling up of Xfit; alone in my garage; trying to rebuild a neglected athlete's body. Have been bumming out about my complete inability to get my arms up and back during squats. This vid is perfectly timed for me. Keep 'em coming Kelly!


wrote …

It is like K-Starr is filming these specifically for me and my tight shoulders.


wrote …

Great stuff Kelly. This videos are amazing! Keep 'em coming and thanks a million.


wrote …

K-Starr has to be one of CrossFit's biggest assets!


wrote …

Holy hell. I have a very tight t-spine and have been working on it for the past month or two, but this stretch is crazy! I did it last night during my warm-up, and then did heavy bench press. It was literally difficult to stabilize the bar between the 2 arms. Is it possible that I'm just not used to stabilizing it with a limber t-spine? Awesome stuff here!


wrote …

@ lawrence - it's very possible that your tight t spine has been helping to stabilize. It's also possible that you made your nervous system go a little temporarily retarded by stretching. Just like how it's hard to stand up after you stretch the hell out of your legs. Solution: stretch hard after workout. ROM drills for warmup, hard stretch for flexi gains after. GL with your training!

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