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July 11, 2010

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If the WOD was careening across the U.S. in an old Beemer and interviewing CrossFit Games athletes, Ian Wittenber would have one killer time going. In only two short weeks, Wittenber has managed to chat with a host of Games competitors in advance of the main event in Carson, Calif.

In this installment, Wittenber has touched down in Colorado to catch up with some of the stars of the North Central Regional: Ryan Lilienthal (second), Jeremy Christofferson (fourth) and Jasmine Dever (first).

Lilienthal, of CrossFit Parker, is a firefighter and new gym owner who also served in the Marines. After deciding in December to make a run at the Games, he’s cleaned up the diet to a Paleo/Zone combo and has continued to keep an un-biased program going. Something must be working right as he managed to best all but one competitor in the North Central region.

Christofferson and Dever both train at Front Range CrossFit among a tightly knit group of friends under the watchful eye of Skip Miller. For Dever, the 2010 Games won’t be her first rodeo, as she competed in 2009 on the Front Range affiliate team. Christofferson, on the other hand, will be trying his luck at the Games for the first time.

Will their high-altitude training pay dividends in the sea-level basin of L.A.?

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3 Comments on “All Over the Map: Lilienthal, Christofferson and Dever”


wrote …

Good luck and have fun Jasmine & JC!


Randy Goldstein wrote …

Thanks for a great article on a few Colorado Cross-fitters. Ryan is as humble as he is athletic...One of many awesome people I have met via CrossFit. Jasmine & Jeremey look and sound really strong as well. Good luck to all 3 of you at the Games!


Daniel Andrews wrote …

Jasmine & JC are two of the most humble superstars I've ever been around. Especially when coaching, JC builds others at FRCF up as if they'd qualified for the games with an incredible, come from behind effort in the final WOD, not himself. Walk in to FRCF and you'd never guess that you're among some of CrossFit's elite like Jeremy & Jasmine, Scott Olson who'll be reppin' the Masters at the games, as well at the Brother's CrossFit team competing in the affiliate cup.
Skip & Jodi Miller have made FRCF into a place that creates this caliber of athlete without any pretense or boasting. They just take ordinary folks and craft them into competitors that don't know how to quit. Go FRCF Family!

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