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July 15, 2010

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Three more stops separate Ian Wittenber from Carson, Calif., home of this year’s CrossFit Games finals. Wittenber is still cutting his way through the great Northwest, interviewing athletes for this year’s Games.

First up is Jerome Perryman, who took second at the Northwest Regional. Perryman is a monster of a man: standing 6’3” and weighing in at 225 lb., he’s easily the largest male competitor of the lot. CrossFit H.E.L. is where he spends most of his time training while living in Portland, Ore.

Cheryl Brost had a very steady performance at the Northwest Regional, finishing sixth, sixth, sixth and ninth on the long weekend’s events.

Wittenber finishes further south with Gabe Subry, third-place finisher at the Southwest Regional.

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Additional reading: Northwest Regional Weekend Wrap-Up.

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2 Comments on “All Over the Map 14: Perryman, Brost and Subry”


Nigel Gordijk wrote …

I've always been a bit biased towards the larger competitors, standing 6'3 myself I hope Perryman does very well he looks like he has the tools to make a push for it. Only one point out of the top 16 may stick in your head too.


wrote …

Represent Jerome!!

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