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July 15, 2010

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Closing in quickly on his final destination, Ian Wittenber is scooping up a few more athlete interviews before the kick-off of the 2010 CrossFit Games. Stopping in Santa Clara, Wittenber catches up with none other than 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa, as well as Chyna Cho and Joey Warren.

King Khalipa needs no introduction. The former champ is hungry for another victory, looking to better his fifth-place finish in 2009. Warren is also going back to the Games after taking 54th at the 2009 event. Cho is the rookie of the lot, and this will be her first Games experience.

16min 29sec

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5 Comments on “All Over the Map: Khalipa, Cho and Warren”


wrote …

Empowering - well put Jason.


wrote …

Kudos to Jason for his bigger picture comments from 14:15 - 15:15. Love seeing that a superstar competitor like Jason can still keep his feet on the ground and recognize that Crossfit is, in the end, a fitness program.


wrote …

I 2nd that Mark.......


wrote …

All of these athletes have said very important statements:

The one that wins; not about stats, its about how much heart they have
Don't get all hopped up about the games and forget that this organization is helping individuals lose an unheard of amount of weight at a gym

Those statements define Crossfit even more for me, and how my journey as a crossfitter has just started.


wrote …

I love the infectious energy that Jason has. He's really excited about this all the time! And he hit it on the head with his comments about Crossfit being a year-round thing and not just for the Games athletes. The lives that have been changed are the real testimony to Crossfit's success.

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