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July 01, 2010

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With only two weeks until the first barbell flies at the 2010 CrossFit Games, Ian Wittenber is still cranking his way across the country, interviewing as many individual athletes as possible along the way.

Checking in from Atlanta, Ga., and Bartlett, Tenn., Wittenber catches up with the Southeast Regional first-place finishers Rich Froning Jr. and Michelle Kinney.

Froning, a fresh face to CrossFit competition, bested previous Games competitors Brandon Phillips, Spencer Hendel and Mike Giardina to take first at the Southeast event after winning the Alabama Sectional. Froning’s preparation for the 2010 Games sounds a bit disparate, yet his performance thus far proves he’s a top-level athlete who’s doing something right.

Another newcomer and Alabama Sectional winner, Kinney got off to a slow start at the Southeast Regional but climbed her way up the ladder by the end of the weekend for a first-place finish.

Both first-time Games competitors hail from Tennessee and will be looking to continue their success in Los Angeles.

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Additional reading: Event Recap: Southeast Regional.

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6 Comments on “All Over the Map: Froning and Kinney”


wrote …

Good luck to these two from the South East Regional!

Predicitons for top 5 Men at the games:

1. Mikko Salo
2. Rob Orlando
3. Rich Froning
4. Jason Kalipha
5. Chris Spealler


wrote …

Great job with these videos Ian. Very, very nice to be able to become more familiar with these athletes before the Games roll around...


wrote …

good luck to you both.

Rich, you're close to 'Mikko-type' programming


wrote …

"If I'm not training, someone else is" I love it! Kick ass Rich!


wrote …

Rich is looking pretty beast, man, let me tell ya. May not be as strong or fast as the already-known top performers, but he seems very solid overall. Definitely predicting top 10 for this gentlemen.


wrote …

Rich and Michelle,

I feel honored to know you guys and lucky to have trained and competed alongside you. Keep paving your own path in the CF World. Don't let it stop at Regionals, go tear it up in L.A.!

Mike McGoldrick

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