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All Over the Map: Ingraham, Ruiz, Zachary and Maruquin by Ian Wittenber - CrossFit Journal

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July 05, 2010

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Ian Wittenber of Again Faster has made it halfway across the country en route to the 2010 CrossFit Games. As he piles up the miles, he’s picking up interviews with individual Games athletes along the way.

In this seventh installment of All Over the Map, Wittenber has ventured into South Central Regional territory, talking with the likes of Chase Ingraham (third), Candice Ruiz (first), Vic Zachary (first) and Deric Maruquin (fourth).

Save Zachary, the others will be making maiden voyages to the CrossFit Games, which gives this group an interesting perspective (or lack thereof) on what’s about to happen to them at the Home Depot Center.

15min 36sec

Additional reading: Event Recap: South Central Regionals.

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3 Comments on “All Over the Map: Ingraham, Ruiz, Zachary and Maruquin”


Karl Eagleman wrote …

I love seeing these profile videos! It's inspiring to learn about the backgrounds of these firebreathers.


wrote …

traps! traps! traps! traps!!


Web Smith wrote …

I think that they have a decent perspective on what's to come. Chase has done an ironman triathlon and Deric/Candice have both served our country. It's not like they haven't seen adversity, guys.

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