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CrossFit Moxie: Fortitude and Determination by Chris Michelmore - CrossFit Journal

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July 27, 2010

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CrossFit Moxie’s early days look much like those of many boxes around the world: An interested guy/gal starts throwing around barbells in the garage and invites a few friends. A few friends turn into a gang, and eventually more space is needed. A business is born.

For CrossFit Moxie’s owner himself, the CrossFit journey has been a bit of a different story, though. A long string of injuries turned Chris Michelmore, a former soccer player, to new fitness pursuits. Since taking up CrossFit, Michelmore has gone well beyond a state of rehabilitation with his injuries, and he finished 29th at the Southwest Regional.

His accomplishments in his personal fitness now mirror the success of his business.

14min 27sec

Additional reading: A Beginner's Guide to CrossFit by Greg Glassman, published Oct. 1, 2004.

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Moxie: Fortitude and Determination”


wrote …

he was my swim coach and now he's my crossfit coach... Chris is the man



wrote …

Chris suspiciously forgot about the "bad" music until the camera man reminded him after the WOD. Coincidence? Unlikely.


wrote …

bad music always sucks, as it will put you asleep and then the barbell falls on your head. I do love your transformation of knee issues. It speaks for Crossfit as almost a medical alteration. thanks.


wrote …

Chris, your enthusiasm is inspirational as is your take on "being bad at stuff". I was able to watch a friend of mine with the same attitude pick up the sport of basketball in his thirties and go from a bumbling klutz to a respectable player in a few months by not worrying about looking bad. Keep up the great work!

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