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Chris Michelmore is a busy man. Not only is he the head coach at CrossFit Moxie in San Jose, Calif., but he also works as the San Jose State women’s swimming and diving assistant coach and the De Anza Cupertino Aquatics assistant national team coach. Beyond coaching, Michelmore made it to the Southwest Regional this year, finishing 29th overall.

In the second installment of Swim Tips for CrossFitters, Michelmore delves into efficiency in the water and implementing a CrossFit-style workout approach to the pool.

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Additional reading: CrossFitting Triathlete Gets Faster—And a Life by Karl MacPhee, published Jan. 17, 2009.



8 Comments on “Swim Tips for CrossFitters: Part 2”


wrote …

Excellent aproach to utilizing Crossfit in the Pool.

I often use 150yrds swims in place 400m runs because of my bum knee.

Good advice to developing efficiency for Crossfit athletes, Virtuosity.


wrote …

Thanks for this. I always want to learn more tips to swimming. I love water.


wrote …

Great video Chris. I remember coaching you with many of those concepts when you were a bumbling teenager. haha! I love the game of golf. We still use it today some 25 years after Nort (former CAL men's head coach) taught it to me as a teen.

If anyone is in the area of San Jose you have to stop my CF Moxie. Chris is becoming a great teacher and coach.


wrote …

Thanks do much Brian! That means a lot. I miss those days at Arden hills.


Lori Palmer wrote …

Swimming is great! Thanks for the tips!


wrote …

This is as revolutionary as learning to run. The concepts behind what Chris has talked about are virtually the same as Pose Concept... everything is a skill; "whoever slows down the least is the fastest" (beautiful).

This segment has done a lot to open my eyes and take a lot of anxiety out of getting in the water for a long swim... nobody is born to swim; some people just suck more or less than others.

Awesome stuff and much thanks


wrote …

Awesome, love the CrossFit twist on calculating stroke count and time and it makes perfect sense.

Being a Rescue Swimmer I have been wondering how to add swimming to CrossFit. This is great, thanks!


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-I am gearing up for my Crossfit Endurance certification and have implemented Crossfit WOD's into my swim practice- I do 2 short interval sessions a week using body weight, bands,and even Kettlebells where I'm in and out of the water as quickly as possible-in just a month, my ocean swims have become much more effcient with this shorter, more varied training. swimming has always been my first love, so even in rough waters, it never feels like I'm thrashing around. I am trying to teach new swimmers who are eager to do their first sprint triathalon to do what this video talks about.

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