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July 12, 2010

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Ian Wittenber is now cruising through Colorado, picking up interviews with top athletes who qualified for the ultimate test of fitness, the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Europe champion Blair Morrison’s path to the 2010 CrossFit Games has been well documented in his series of articles for the CrossFit Journal. His efforts in 2009 netted him a seventh-place finish overall, and he’s looking to improve on that number after a year of hardcore training in various European locales. Back stateside on a break from his studies in Europe, Morrison is putting in work at altitude, adding the finishing touches on his efforts from the year.

Matt Chan (first, North Central) has been training hard, too. His 18th-place finish in 2009 Games was impressive but left him wanting more. After resolving some hamstring issues this season, he’s confident heading into the 2010 event: “I’m not going out there to have fun. I’m going out there to win.”

Patrick Burke (third, North Central) shares the same motivation as Chan. Finishing the 2009 Games in eighth might be satisfying for some but has left this competitor wanting to improve. The Oly lifts are two of the many skills he’s focused on in his training.

These three highly motivated athletes with Games experience are sure to give the rest of the competition a run for their money, but will their improved resolve best the bumper crop of new competitors and place Morrison, Chan or Burke atop the podium?

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5 Comments on “All Over the Map: Morrison, Burke and Chan”


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Liked this one a lot. Those are some steep stairs!!!!!!!!


wrote …

This is getting exciting...... Matty I'm so proud of you for all the hard work and serious dedication over the last year. You inspire me to be better at anything I may be doing, every single day. You always have, this is your gift. I must thank you for that, as that inspiration has pushed me farther than I would have ever pushed myself, no matter the challenge.

As for Pat, what a great human being. Verve will be there cheering for you this weekend. Thanks for all those training sessions with Matt to help him take a weakness (running) and turn it into not such a weakness anymore...


wrote …

WOOT WOOT Colorado!!!


wrote …

Totally awesome. Great work capturing the identity behind these athletes. I loved Pat's comment about swallowing your pride and losing an argument. I think that we've all missed workouts for the sake of our families. What's an extra rest day?


wrote …

Seeing Blair doing CrossFit in the amphitheater kinda makes me want to get some buddies up to Little Rock for a WOD in a park or something... Inspire a young one with "Upside down push-ups!"

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