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Own the Stone by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

Own the Stone

By Rob Orlando

In Sports Applications, Videos

July 26, 2010

Video Article

In lifting, positioning is everything. Positioning is even more important when you’re lifting heavy, odd objects.

In this video filmed at Hybrid Athletics, Rob Orlando explains that stone lifting requires brute strength, but it also requires technique. You can be an ox and still get owned by a stone if you lift it incorrectly. Conversely, you can focus your strength with efficient technique and moves weights you never dreamed of.

Watch video. Find stone. Lift it. Feel strong.

Video by Again Faster.

5min 21sec

Additional video: Teaching Stone Loading by Kurtis Bowler, published Nov. 13, 2009.

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7 Comments on “Own the Stone”


wrote …

It's official, I need some stones in my garage gym.


wrote …

That was a good video. I need to get some stones to play with.


wrote …

Why is Rob Orlando so friggen awesome.


wrote …

awesome video..


wrote …

Rob Orlando eats souls for breakfast with a huge cup of chocolate milk


wrote …

there's a fair bit of stuff if you google 'make your own atlas stone', may have to make that a summer project.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Great video, Rob!
We had a Strongman Seminar Saturday and got work with the stones, yokes, logs, etc.
What a blast!
This will be a permanent part of our training for sure.

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