Race-Day Fueling

By Max Wunderle

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Endurance athletes have always considered fueling for an event. CrossFit Endurance coach Max Wunderle explains what standard CrossFitters need to know as they prepare to compete.

The beauty of the CrossFit methodology lies in the constant sharing of ideas and the breaking down of sport-specific protocols, and these same principles can be applied in areas that have historically been celebrated in some fitness circles and ignored in others. Such an area is “in-competition” fueling.

While such a topic demands the attention of endurance athletes and can mean the difference between a podium finish and a DNF, it’s largely ignored in non-endurance activities.

If we believe there are three major areas in performance fitness: training, recovery and nutrition. It goes without saying that all three must be respected appropriately. This “three-legged stool” will not provide a firm foundation if only one or two of its legs are given requisite attention. Ensure you and your athletes are educated and executing the proper protocols to make sure their race-day fueling strategies are as committed as their training and recovery protocols.

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Richard Meurk wrote …

Those saltsticks looks really handy for endurance races!


wrote …

Very useful article, I've been wanting something like this to get posted for a while.

Thanks Max.

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