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Yoked Out at Hybrid Athletics by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

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July 13, 2010

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Long relegated to strongman competitions, the yoke has found a happy home at Hybrid Athletics, Rob Orlando’s CrossFit box in Stamford, Conn.

It can be difficult to get a loaded yoke off the ground, and the momentum created by a swinging yoke laden with plates can be difficult to manage. But a strong midline isn’t the only thing you need to carry a yoke any distance—you’ll need a few elements of strategy, too.

In his gym, Orlando speaks in front of a group of budding strongmen looking for some advice from a great lifter and strongman competitor.

Video by Again Faster.

4min 54sec

Additional reading: KingKinggg KongKonggg by Rob Orlando, published Nov. 3, 2008.

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That is all.


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800 for a football field...makes me feel like a school girl


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Looks like it's as warm as Calgary in that video...


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Damn it... got a LONG way to GOhehe

Rob rocks!

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