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The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 1 by Dr. Nicholas Romanov - CrossFit Journal

The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 1

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

In Running, Videos

July 04, 2010

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How are you supposed to run? Dr. Nicholas Romanov wants you to answer this question, but you probably can’t.

Running is one of the most fundamental human movements, yet modern running shoes, poorly written articles, lack of training and bad science have humans moving badly on the road, track and trail. Some say a return to barefoot running is the answer, but that’s not enough.

Speaking candidly in front of a group of CrossFit instructors at the University of San Diego, Dr. Romanov explains how he discovered Pose running.

10min 46sec

Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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13 Comments on “The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 1”


wrote …

Excellent! I just wish the Americans could hold on to the laughter caused by the Borat voice and focused on what he was trying to say.


wrote …

Grzegorz, not to flame you or anything, but I'd like to maybe defend the group a bit. They were laughing because he was telling jokes not because of his accent. Perhaps you are the one missing the point and maybe are not understanding that he's using humor as a media to get very controversial theory across. Think about it, Pose method defies everything the running shoe industry has been telling us about running form since 1972 and the first Waffle Trainer. Dr. Romanov possesses a great command of the English language despite his accent and has the ability to use humor to teach this important subject. I sincerely doubt somebody is going to pay up to $1200 to become a Pose Certified coach to mock their instructor- we're better than that as a community. Please put aside your preconceived stereotype that all Americans hate foreigners and mock anybody speaking with an accent- as many of us through our professions have come to work with and greatly value the diversity of our foreign coalition members. We're not all "the Ugly American."

I agree with you, though, amazing and revolutionary content that goes against traditional convention telling us to run how we feel because it's natural.

Cheers, brother!


replied to comment from Grzegorz Szorc

I was there. All of us were laughing because he is very funny and was making jokes. When someone makes funny jokes, people laugh.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

I just re-watched it and I guess you're right. He is a funny guy.


wrote …

I have seen a few of the videos on the Journal with Dr. Romanov. I appreciated this one the most, probably because of both the great content and how Dr. Romanov's humor came through. The folks who run the journal justified the (admittedly low) subscription cost with this one.



wrote …

Dr. Romanov is going up against what may possibly be the largest demographic of "invincible ignorance". His humor is not only entertaining and effective, but I am certain it helps him continue his quest to help people run with high levels of skill that produce high levels of protection and performance without stabbing himself in the eye out of frustration. He is an amazing teacher, but also a very good example for any coach/PT/DC/MD. It is hard to resist someone's logic when they can make you laugh.


wrote …

Can someone post a link to the studies from the 1960's showing 65% of runners are injured and today where it's 85%.

I see the same thing from the folks walking through my door, but I don't have the papers to back it up.


wrote …

Cool, this bit sparked my attention. But it was completely void of substance. I still have no clue what pose running is about. I guess I'll have to wait for part 2. Waste of time and band-with so far. But I remain optimistic.


I believe I saw a source for the study in "Born to Run" but I would caution that it is a bit controversial. Many experts theorize that the rise in running related injuries has more to do with an increase in runners than shoe technology. Back in the 60's, the weren't many people running all the time. those that were tended to be athletes and male. In the 70's with the invention of the running shoe we had a running/jogging craze. All of a sudden we had a much larger spectrum of the general public running, people who tended to be less fit and more prone to injury. My personal feeling is that it may be a bit of both.
Additionally, there's a lot of talk in the running world about a massive spike in barefoot/minimalist shoe running related injuries. Now, this isn't necessarily related to Dr. Romanov's pose method but it does cast some doubt as to whether traditional running shoes are really to blame. The general consensus in the running world seems to be that it's a good thing new running techniques and technologies are being explored. For some people they work very well and for some, they do not.


replied to comment from Jesse Gray

You are correct with the fact that it is controversial to specifically site the running shoe industry as the cause for the increase in injury; however, that really isn't the point. The main point to take from this is not about shoes or no shoes, it is that running is a skill. If you suck at something you will get hurt if you do it, regardless of if you are wearing motion-control, stability, neutral shoes or no shoes at all. Much the same, if you have small issues (don't suck) with your technique and you log 20-30 miles a week, you will eventually get hurt and/or prematurely plateau with performance. Again, the point Dr. Romanov is trying to relay is that running is a skill and should be approached as such. Unfortunately, most people think it is just a natural thing that everyone can do. That logic is just about the same as saying everyone who can throw a ball can be a MLB pitcher...right. Throwing is a skill, running is a skill, thinking is a skill, squating is a skill, everything is a skill and skills must be practiced and consistently improved to prevent problems from occurring and to elicit maximum benefit.


replied to comment from Steven Bourgeois

You need to read my reply to Jesse Gray, then watch the video again. If you are seriously going to try Pose Running, you will need to fully understand that it is a skill and it will take time. If you don't, there will be a high likelihood of you getting frustrated and quitting due to a lack of understanding. Not trying to be a jerk, just want you to be successful if you are trying to improve your running by using Pose Concept. Good Luck!


#8, Steven,

Every now and then a Comment graces these pages so ridiculous that I am inclined to waste some "time and bandwidth" in order to acknowledge it.

Post running has been demonstrated, lectured about, described, and shown in detail many times in this Journal. If you'd like, they could categorize the Journal for you, or add a search function.

Oh, wait, Tony already did that.


Daniel Schmieding wrote …


At least it didn't mess up the sarcasm and disdain.

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