2010 CrossFit Games: The Women

By The women of the 2010 CrossFit Games

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August 05, 2010

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From July 16-18, 2010, the world’s fittest women competed under a blazing sun at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. For three days, elite athletes put their training to the test in a new sport—the sport of fitness.

The CrossFit crucible was unforgiving, and weaknesses were punished time and again as intense workouts separated the top athletes from their peers. Trial and toil in the sunshine produced sweat, tears, bloody hands and disappointment, but also successes, smiles, new records and friendships.

The CrossFit Games challenged the human mind, body and spirit, and anyone who competed accomplished a monumental task in qualifying for the Games and putting themselves through our sport’s ultimate test. Their desire to be stronger and faster drives CrossFit to new heights and ultimately helps define elite fitness. What follows is a tribute to the 2010 female competitors who gave their all and left nothing in the tank.

Their pain was temporary. Their images were not.

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8 Comments on “2010 CrossFit Games: The Women”


wrote …

Staggeringly beautiful.


wrote …

The CrossFit women at the games blew me away! I mean that. I have rarely been as impressed as I was with their performances.


wrote …

Great to see, but disappointing there's only one picture of Kristen Clever....


replied to comment from Nicole Vaughan

Word. She's unbelievable and deserved at LEAST one photo to herself.


replied to comment from Adam Ball

"The Men" photo PDF doesn't have any pictures of Graham H.


wrote …

While I agree about Kristen and Graham being somewhat MIA, I'm sure they will get a ton of coverage in the remainder of this "crossfit year." It'll be like reality TV w/a classy audience.


replied to comment from Cort Arthur

I agree. IMO these pictures are not about showcasing the champions, just some of the awesome images from the games.


wrote …

Great shots! They give me inspiration for sure!

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