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August 25, 2010

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Chris Saliba affiliated in March of 2009. Just over a year later he looks back on lessons learned and challenges overcome.

“Hi Chris: On behalf of CrossFit, we would like to offer our congratulations and to let you know that we would be honored to have you join the CrossFit family of affiliates.”

It was these few words read on March 25, 2009, that started the ball rolling, and as I sit here contemplating this article, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. With the flood of new affiliates joining the CrossFit family, I thought it might be timely to offer a personal journey from Day 1 through to the current time.

This article is not intended as a success or failure story but is rather just a personal account of the highs and lows, challenges and rewards that the early stages of affiliation can provide.

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9 Comments on “An Affiliation Journey—So Far”


wrote …

Great article Chris!


Sven Meyer wrote …

Nice one, Chris!! you coming down for the Newcastle comp in Oct? Cheers mate


wrote …

Chris, Great article mate. I am in the process myself now and this just reinforces the positive way of thinking that needs to happen when stepping into an new venture. Thanks mate


wrote …

Thanks for the kind comments guys. I hope that it helps some people who are about to embark on the affiliation journey.


wrote …

Fantastic article Chris. I am on the brink of opening up my box and I can identify with the struggles and accolades associated. Thanks for the information!


wrote …

Great Article Chris,
FOr years I have been wanting to dive into personal training full time; and or start a Crossfit box. I am currently studying for my Level 1 cert, and have been training at Crossfit Albany for 7 months. Now I just need to practice what I preach. Good luck to all prospective coaches and businesses owners out there.



wrote …

Good timing with the article. Im in the process of installing a second computer for the members so they can enter there WOD results and attendance each day.
If you ever decide to make a trip to Canada let me know. Bring that dirt bike and lets race....


wrote …

This has ticked so many boxes for me! The goal setting and accountability system is exactly what I am aiming for. Thanks for your insights.


wrote …


Finally got to read this and I gotta say, awesome read. Even though I know you have made it, I was reading it with nervousness for you. Silly eh?
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and advice. A great read and a must for anyone who is about to start their own affiliate.
I am about to embark on this quest and will definately be taking on board all of your suggestions. Dont be surprised if you get a couple of phone calls from me.

Your box has turned out really well. Thanks for letting me train there last month when I popped in after the cert1 in brisbane. I appreciated how accomadating you were even though I was biting into your personal training time. That is a testament to yours and Maree's attitude to your business and the company of crossfit.
My only suggestion is to get your shirts out of the sun. The one I got is faded on one half of the front. hahahaha.
I look forward to hearing more of your success stories and wish you and yours all the best for the future.

Good job mate. See you round.
(Soon to be owner of CrossFit Assassin)

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