Just Lift ... and Coach

By Anders Lindsjö

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August 13, 2010

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“Just lift heavy weights,” Anders Lindsjö says in this installment of footage from a weightlifting workshop at Eleiko headquarters in Halmstad, Sweden.

After drilling technique, Lindsjö sets his students loose to just lift while their bodies remember the patterns that were set in the previous drills. Lindsjö pairs his students up and asks them to coach each other as they jump up in weight and work on the clean.

7min 8sec

Additional reading: From Athlete to Coach by Robert Ord, published Feb. 12, 2010.

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9 Comments on “Just Lift ... and Coach”


wrote …

I love this guy. Fyi, by 'not guilty', he means 'not valid'. Could someone please explain to me what those little plates are? Tiny weights for tiny improvements? Thx.


wrote …

Pretty sure you are right about the tiny weights part, I have a few 2.5# but nothing that looked as small as those.


wrote …

great series. thanks coaches!


replied to comment from Florian Anders

Yes. Microweights. Weights so small that they don't add a whole lot of difficulty but do allow you to increase weight every workout. Great for stuff like shoulder press which only goes up a small bit at a time...for me anyway. lol.


wrote …

I hate the Cookie weights...but this has made me think twice about them. Sum gain better then none...hmm.


wrote …

I like these seminars. Does anybody knows if Anders planning further seminars? I wasn't able to find infos on Elekos page. I would defently subscribe for one.


Dane Thomas wrote …

Florian is correct (the Swedish word "giltig" means valid.)

I'm pretty sure that the cookie weights are Eleiko's Friction Grip plates and that they are being used instead of collars. http://www.eleikosport.se/weightlifting/product.asp?PageNumber=&Product_Id=225
At weightlifing meets they are typically placed on the bar outside of the secure collars that hold the larger plates in place.


Mike McGee wrote …

Great series, I learned a lot watching these videos. I hope to see more in the future and that CrossFit might sponsor some seminars with Anders... I'd definitely attend if there was one near me.


wrote …

Dear crossfit journal staff, please keep the articles coming from Anders. The guy totally inspires my committment to power/olympic lifting. He also really brings a different style of teaching/coaching. Thanks so much Anders and God bless you.

Paul Londagin
crossfitter/PE teacher/HS strength and conditioning coach

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