Iceland Annie at the 2010 Games

By Annie Thorisdottir

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August 02, 2010

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Iceland Annie has put in a lot of work since her stunning CrossFit debut at the 2009 Games. She’s actually CrossFitting now and has a coach, and the muscle-ups that gave her fits in ’09 have improved dramatically.

In this pre-Games interview, the down-to-earth Icelander talks about life away from competition and what her last year has looked like. Delving into the details of her training, mindset and goals, Thorisdottir explains how she’s improved so much in just 12 short months.

5min 29sec

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4 Comments on “Iceland Annie at the 2010 Games”


wrote …

It annoys me when they don't call her by her real name. She is the daughter of Thor!


replied to comment from Jonathan Mulder

Haha very well put Jonathan!

Go Annie! :)


wrote …

Annie was very impressive at the games - and maintained a gentle smile 24/7. It was always a pleasure to be around her!


wrote …

Annie is such an inspiration! A great athlete and a truly genuine person!

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