Fear and Loathing in L.A.

By Kevin Daigle

In CrossFit Games

August 11, 2010

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The CrossFit Journal cut Kevin Daigle loose at the CrossFit Games and found him passed out in the parking lot days later. Here’s what he can remember of the competition.

Kevin Daigle asked for press accreditation, and we asked for an article in return. The only catch? We didn’t want to know anything about the actual events. We had that covered, so we asked Kevin to head off into the crowd, find some beer and tell us what happens when the clock isn’t running and the athletes aren’t competing.

He found himself at several parties, a burger joint, a famous donut shop and deep in the chaos of tent city.

At the end of it all he had a hangover and an article.

This is Kevin’s savage journey through the CrossFit Games weekend.



12 Comments on “Fear and Loathing in L.A.”


wrote …

all i gotta say is: epic


wrote …

Enjoyed the article. You are funny and down to earth, which made it easy to picture and wish I were there to join in on the fun. Thanks for sharing.


wrote …

I'm just proud to be the "Friend from back east" and provider of said duffle-bag at the end.



wrote …

Chip you're supposed to keep that stuff on the DL! A great time as always my friend.

Thanks Mike and Kristy! It was almost as much fun as freshman year of college!


wrote …

Loved the article. I have to prepare to travel to the 2011 Games


wrote …

Its hard to read your stuff sometimes Kevin. On one hand I really enjoy your articles (they're fun, and you've got excellent stories to tell) , but on the other there are just far too many outlandish analogies. They distract me from the overall flow of the reading.

Other than that, this was a fun article!


wrote …

That was a great article...what sucks is that I was in L.A. about a month before the games. There's always next year!


replied to comment from Wyatt Fairchild

I tossed up with posting this, I'm still not sure I should.
I'd have to agree with Wyatt.

The information and enthusiasm are great and very infectious. What I struggled with was the overuse of similes. My impression (and I freely admit this isn't based on a rigorous analysis) is that that there wasn't a single paragraph in there without one. Used occasionally they add colour and illustrate a point very effectively. When they come one after another for the whole piece they interrupt the flow of the writing.

Great content, presentation needs some polishing for my tastes is all.


wrote …

The games was a surreal experience all around. Just amazing on every level. Will agree with Kevin on a variety of things
1) As hard as Crossfit people work, they party just as hard.
2) Camille Leblanc Bazinet.... Wow. Gorgeous, phenomenal athlete and just seemed like a total sweetheart to boot
3)Welbourne is huge. Never felt as small as I did standing next to him while he rocked a pink Life As Rx tanktop with a rainbow and unicorn. And hes a cool guy as well.Welcomed us into CF Balboa like we were long time members
4) Next years games cant come soon enough

Was just amazing to be there and throw support to our team and to all the friends we know regionally and to make friends from all over the USA and the rest of the globe. Crossfit people are truly unique and extraordinary.


wrote …

Great article Daigle..great to see the view of the Games that I couldn't ( as a partier, it can be almost punishing to compete at times!!) And, yes Kevin, Camille is hot and talented, but I thought I had a special place in your heart!!!! We're done...

Great work...can't wait to read more. Invite me to the hotel party next time :+)


wrote …

great article, never read anything as straight up and to the point as this. there's no way I can ever miss another Games..


replied to comment from lauren plumey

LP, so true...and to be honest I was fairly well behaved (in relative terms) both out of respect for and in support of all the athletes I had a stake in (yourself included!) If I was JUST a spectator it would have been a real mess...sort of like Chip!

As far as the Camille thing goes....You'll always have a special place in my heart Lauren! However, Dave is a pretty scary dude, so I figured I should play it safe on the Camille angle. I'm fairly sure I'm not going to get beat up by anyone from Quebec!

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