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Dissecting Dave and Nadia: Part 1 by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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August 20, 2010

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Olympic lifters and CrossFitters around the world would gladly do 10 rounds of Fight Gone Bad for an opportunity to work one-on-one with Olympic lifting coach Mike Burgener. At a recent certification, Nadia Shatila and Dave Lipson had such an opportunity.

As an HQ trainer, Shatila regularly teaches new CrossFitters the snatch but doesn’t always get the opportunity to work on her own lift. Lipson (215 lb., 6’0”) can move large loads like no other (think deadlift well over 650 lb. and a 335-lb. overhead squat), but his best snatch is 220 lb.

Breaking things down, Burg identifies a few problems and recommends snatch balances to remedy them right off the bat. Drilling basics such as grip width and landing position first, Coach B then has the athletes working hard to push themselves under the bar to receive the load overhead.

Part 1: 8min 13sec

Additional reading: 12 Tips for Coaching O-Lifts in the CrossFit Box by Bob Takano, published July 26, 2010.

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11 Comments on “Dissecting Dave and Nadia: Part 1”


wrote …

Gotta love Coach B. Thanks for all the great instruction.


wrote …

I soooooo want to be coached by him.


wrote …

Nadia, you ALMOST wacked Coach B. in the head with that barbell. I saw the look of horror on your face.

Miss these vid series w/ Coach B. Out of all my lifts I need the most help on technique for the snatch and the clean/jerk. I love when these vids come out. I take notes and then hit the garage and try to replicate. Closest Oly coach is over 2 hours away. I'll make the trip someday.


wrote …

This is fantastic! I'm going back to the box to make everybody sign up for CF Journal so they can see this. Couple things in particular stood out as such helpful coaching points: (1) going down as soon as the shoulders go up (not hanging out at the top) and (2) pressing yourself under the bar. Someday I'm going to be pretty good at this--I can feel it!


EC S wrote …



Michael Bissaillon wrote …

Can't thank coach B enough for all the awesome coaching videos. Coach B you have no idea how much they help!


Ronald Fielder wrote …

Awesome video> I need to work on this more. Thanks!


I Probably need to watch that a bunch more times... that was incredible. Just incredible.


Doug Chapman wrote …

Love coach B's coaching style.

It seems like Dave's knees are not moving forward enough. Maybe it is the perspective of the camera, coach B what do you think? Maybe some more mobility in the ankle will help?


wrote …

Coach B is awesome. Nadia & Dave.....I'm jealous you guys got some personal instruction from him!


wrote …

Never get sick of watching coach B.
looking forward to part 2

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