Kettlebells for Warriors

By Mike Krivka

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August 28, 2010

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Kettlebells aren’t just for swinging and snatching anymore. They’re for raising money, too.

When Mike Krivka of CrossFit Koncepts went looking for some way to raise money for the troops, it was obvious that a workshop could easily be set up as a fundraiser given his background with kettlebells and his love for CrossFit.

Jordan Gravatt offers a closer look at Krivka’s unique fundraising effort.

4min 51sec

Additional reading: Kettlebell Basics: Drills for Improving Your Swing by Jeff Martone, published Nov. 1, 2006.



6 Comments on “Kettlebells for Warriors”


wrote …

Another powerful example of why this community rocks! That KB clinic looked awesome.


Sean Villagracia wrote …

That is freakin' awesome! I love how this community has such a strong support for projects like Wounded Warrior!

I wish I could go to that clinic. I LOVE KB work!


wrote …

My hat is always off to those that support our troops. God bless you guys!


wrote …

CrossFit York worked with Mike for a fund-raiser in July at York Barbell. It was easy to see that this was something he truly did for all the right reasons. Both he and Mike from York Barbell hold this cause very close to their hearts. Keep it up guys!!


wrote …

The kettlebell workshop was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Mike Krivka is one of the very best at teaching kettlebells and breaking down technique. If you ever have the chance to train with Mike take it, because no matter what your level of experience is with kettlebells you'll walk away with new ideas and cleaner, more efficient technique. Jordan Gravatt and his crew at CrossFit by Overload were great hosts and have a top-notch training venue at CFO. Thanks Guys!


wrote …

Love it! On a smaller scale I am holding a Girls's Night Out at our box with 100% of donation (admission is on a donation basis) given to the Wounded Warrior Project. The response has been awesome! How can one not be into that?

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