Mic’d Up with Chuck Carswell

By Chuck Carswell

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August 21, 2010

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Chuck Carswell has a keen eye for human movement. He’s an outgoing, popular member of the certification staff and was an obvious choice as a judge for the CrossFit Games back in 2009. With the stakes raised in 2010, those calling the reps at the event were of upmost importance once again, and once again Carswell answered the bell.

The crew at Again Faster decided to mic up the affable Carswell and follow him through the first workout of the 2010 Games. What follows is a look at what it was like at ground level in the Home Depot Center, where the fittest on earth met to do battle in July.

13min 52sec

Additional reading: No Rep? by Mike Warkentin, published July 15, 2010

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22 Comments on “Mic’d Up with Chuck Carswell”


wrote …

seems like a cool dude


he was my L1 Cert leader and he is one of the coolest dudes I've ever had the chance to meet. Great instructor, great person, great personality - way to go brother! Looks like you got it all!


wrote …

He was my L1 cert coach too and he really is a great guy! Amazing coach. Honored to have met him! Thanks Chuck


wrote …

He was also MY L1 cert head coach!!! Nice job Chuck! Pretty smooth with Heather hahahhhaa


keith mcguire wrote …

Great insight into the games and the Carswell! Outstanding!


wrote …

Chuck was my L1 head coach and he is one of the most knowledgeable, hilarious and all-around super guys I've met. Thanks for this video.


wrote …

Great video! It's so interesting to see the games from the judge's perspective—I had no idea the amount of interaction between the judge and the athlete. Once more, Again Faster finds a unique angle and produces it, without getting in it's way. Thanks for another high quality, professional video. Keep 'em coming!


wrote …

He was my L1 Cert coach as well. Again, great guy.


wrote …

Chucks a great guy and a heck of an athlete, he's a lock for the Masters in a couple of years. Great video!


Stephen Hubbard wrote …

This is a really interesting video and he seems like a great guy. That being said, it looks like he was calling some of those muscle ups a bit early before full lock out.

...Maybe its just that the audio and the video don't sync up perfectly.


wrote …

I finally met Chuck at this year's Games. Indeed, he was one of the few folks in the CF world I'd managed not to meet sooner, much to my regret. One of my highlights this year was chatting with him after it was all over on Sunday night. Not surprisingly I was blown away!

Cheers, Chuck. Here's hoping our paths cross before Games IV.



wrote …

Chuck is an amazing athlete, person, CrossFit coach, instructor, oh and did I say person.... If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting or WODing with Chuck you are missing out. Met him at the 2009 Dirty South Qualifiers where he blew my mind by kicking the crap out of a huge field of guys that were literally half his age... He was the guy that got my business partner (then 39) to start to understand that age shouldn't keep you from doing what you want within this sport... just an all around stand up dude...
Thanks Chuck for all that you do for the CrossFit Community.
Justin Key

P.S. if you are not at my Grand opening I will be hurt man... no really... I might not be able to continue in life :-)
Later brother!


wrote …

Chuck "Hell Yeah " Carswell. Legit.


wrote …

Chuck is an awesome lecturer-I could listen to him talk all day long. He was our Level 1 head coach. He is also a beast!! Great to see him featured here.


wrote …

Chuck! I miss working with you, brother. It was great to see you at the Games. You did an amazing job. Thanks for all you do for the community.


wrote …

Steven- Thank you sir and keep up the work in GA.

Stephen- the cool thing about cameras..... They don't lie.

Bingo- I've read your stuff for a long time, the honor was all mine.

Justin- Send me an invite and we'll see.

TJ- As the 3rd Affiliate, Instructor at my L1's, and Certified Bad Ass - I will quote you from now on!

Level 1 guys and girls, the feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. Be that for someone else.

Sherwood- Somebody trained me fairly well. Thanks for helping get me up to speed. JDFIU!


wrote …

Chuck seems like an awesome guy. I haven't had the chance to meet him yet. I have no plans of leaving this crazy thing called CrossFit, so I'm sure our paths will cross at some point.


wrote …

Had the chance to meet Chuck this weekend as he was our Level 1 Cert leader. Awesome guy and GREAT athlete (watched him "play" around with some snatches during lunch...ok, that sounded bad). He's so animated when he talks that you can't help but listen and absorb what he's telling. On a completely unrelated note, I


wrote …

Chuck Carswell, my L1 coach and can see a rounded back or low elbows from 1000m away. Best line from Chuck's 'what is crossfit' lecture was when he was talking about his days at the Globo Gym and doing the "good 'ol seated calf raises... Sit down, point the toes in, do 12 reps... Now of course you have to point the toes out". ;-)

That Tampa L1 cert this past may was great and you were kind enough to drop me off at my home when I got stuck without a car. Chuck you are a gentleman and a true master of your profession!!


Lori Palmer wrote …

I love this guy:-)!


Craig Hysell wrote …

Chuck was my lead instructor at my L1 Cert. At that time my business partner and I were thinking of opening up a CrossFit box in our area and had A TON of questions.

For whatever reason, Chuck gave his personal cell number and his email address and told his to contact him anytime we had a question. So we did. He returned our emails and our phone calls every time and talked to us for as long as we had questions.

CrossFit Hilton Head probably wouldn't be here (or at least my partner and I wouldn't own it) if it weren't for Chuck, his inspiration, his advice and his mind-blowing instruction at our cert. The guy is just amazing. Thanks Chuck! Can't wait to see ya again, brother!


wrote …

Chuck, the flowmaster in the L1 Cert in Costa Rica, 08/2015.
Still the same person that you describe and I saw in the video. Funny, professional, experienced, open, you can talk to him as a friend since the first moment. I wish he had taught some parts of the L1. Way to learn from people like him.
Clap, clap, clap ;)

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