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Coaching Games Athletes by Ben Bergeron, Justin Emmons, C.J. Martin, Melody Feldman - CrossFit Journal

Coaching Games Athletes

By Ben Bergeron, Justin Emmons, C.J. Martin, Melody Feldman

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August 30, 2010

Video Article

Behind every good athlete is a long list of supporters and coaches who’ve helped along the way. Ask anyone who has ever stood atop a podium if he or she got there alone, and you’ll find the answer is likely, “No.”

CrossFit Games athletes are no different.

At this year’s event, Again Faster turned the lens on the men and women behind those competing for the title of World’s Fittest to get their take on the event and what it’s like watching the athlete they’ve invested so much time in.

Featured coaches include:

Ben Bergeron (CrossFit New England)
Athlete: Heather Bergeron

Justin Emmons (CrossFit Bartlett)
Athlete: Michelle Kinney

C.J. Martin (CrossFit Invictus)
Athlete: Shana Alverson

Melody Feldman (CrossFit MPH)
Athlete: Christy Phillips

11min 47sec

Additional reading: 12 Tips for Coaching O-Lifts in the CrossFit Box by Bob Takano, published July 26, 2010.

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wrote …

Solid Video by the AF guys once again. The amazing thing with Ben Bergeron is, the level of coaching is truly across the board at CFNE. We all get the almost the same attention and level of coaching that Heather gets ( I say almost because Ben and Heather are married, and if it was THE SAME, well, that'd be a little weird).

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